What would you get?


Jan 16, 2006
I am in a quandry..I want a planner and a wallet..I think I may want the MC black koala..which I think is beautiful..its about $720 here (is it worth it?)..I also want the agenda/planner(need to stick to a term here!:weird: in the MC black also..that's about $450.. I want them both but that's a bit excessive for me and I really only want one small MC piece as an accent to my other LV..I currently have a filofax that is a wallet and an agenda but I am willing to give it up for something new and pretty:shame: I also have seen a mono agenda with a colored lining so I'm thinking about that also..has anyone seen one? that's about $425 ..I know I keep saying about but as some of ya'll know the dollar is a constantly moving instrument here..currently it's climbing..but I want to buy before it begins to decline again..I'm not that confident that the rise will continue..I am so wordy..anyway any help and/or suggestions for alternates ..plus pics if possible would be greatly appreciated..and thanks for reading all of this:love: you guys are the best!!
Hi, i think the wallet is more worth it... i got the epi agenda but hqavent used it for so long since all my phone #s are stored in my cell phone... are the LV's cheaper in Japan??
I've had a medium-sized LV agenda (Monogram Canvas) for over 3 years now, and I use it as both my organizer and wallet. I really love it, and don't have problems with it since I'm a bit old-fashioned and like to write things down. Tried the Palm Pilot thing, and have a Blackberry too, but I like have a good old organizer.
I would suggest the wallet, if you carry a lot of things in it, otherwise you can get away with just an agenda as an organizer and a wallet. Since Japanese prices are so expensive, it may also be better if you just try to eBay your items.

I may be in Japan this summer, so hopefully I'll get to see first hand all the crazy handbag ladies !
Yeah that wallet is real.

That lady did some really silly things to advertise her website here though, so that was rather non cool. But it's a gorgeous wallet !

I know the prices aren't so great, but hey, the superbibles are ! ;)
trust me, if you're gonna get a planner and you plan on using it a lot.. don't get something small like the stupid "small ring agenda"s. iono, it may be cuz i'm a guy, but i'm petite for a guy! and my mono SRA was too damn small. i switched out and bought the desk agenda in monogram, and i love it so much more. pockets big enough for folded 8.5x11 sheets, and enough space for a few cards and other papers.. and it's definitely big enough to write in. :smile:
I've got the koala wallet in the Monogram and I love it. I have my name down to be called for an agenda in the red epi when it comes in, (in the medium size I think) but I don't think I want it anymore. It seems like a good idea to get yourself organized but I personally don't think I would use it enough to justify spending $500+ on it. If you think you would use the agenda a lot I would try and get one that you can use as both.