What would you get?


Which one would you get?

  1. Azur Saleya PM

  2. Tivoli PM

  3. Palermo PM

  4. Wait for Damier Nevefull

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  1. Azur Saleya MM

    Or wait for the Damier Neverfull? I used to be in love with the Neverfull in monogram canvas but fell out of love with it. Not too sure if I will love the damier neverfull when it comes out too.

    I'm getting impatient! I want a bag, but I don't know which! HAHA. Which one would you guys get? Right now, I'm thinking the Saleya? Decisions!!!
  2. tivoli gets my vote
  3. I voted for the Palermo pm, but if it was between that and the Tivoli Gm i would have picked that. Both bags are great though I just think the tivoli pm is going to be kinda small
  4. Tivoli or Palermo
  5. azur saleya gets my vote!
  6. i find the Tivoli quite pretty. and if you want an LV dose now, you might as well get that, because who knows when the Damier Neverfull will be out?
  7. I voted for tivoli, only 'cuz I like just a tad better than the palermo.
  8. voted for the azur, i love that bag!
  9. I say saleya.
  10. Tivoli or Palermo get my vote
  11. Tivoli - waitlisted for it at my boutique. SA said will be available on Nov 22nd..
    can't wait to see in IRL
  12. tivoli!
  13. Palermo!!!
  14. Tivoli!!
  15. Tivoli!