What would you get if a Caroline and a Momma Sage had a baby?

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  1. An Abby!! The blue is pretty similar to the blue smoke color (not as bright as the close up picture seems). The short strap does fit over my shoulder but it's tight just like the Lindsey's. The long strap reminds me of the length of my Carrie and my Caroline. She's Mama Sage sized but has a snap closure which has me second guessing keeping her. I guess I'll just have to let her sit on my dresser for a while before I decide. She's very pretty though!





  2. Very pretty....!
    She is a flap bag correct??
    Does she have silver hardwear??
  3. Thank you! She has gold hardware which actually works very well with this color of blue. She is a flap bag with snaps.
  4. She is beautiful! Does she have outside pockets? Does she have a single compartment or multiple? Can you post pics of her inside? TIA
  5. I didn't think I'd like this but on you, I love it! I really like the size, shape and colour. I think she's a keeper! Congrats!
  6. Its not letting me posy pics anymore (keeps crashing) but she has a dark grey interior and an outside pocket like the sages did. Its right under the flap. She is just one compartment. No dividers. I'll try to post pics again later.
  7. Interior shots:


  8. Thanks for posting, I was so excited to see a reveal. Although I think she is to big for me, I want to give her a shot. You rock her, good luck
  9. So pretty! I love the details on this bag- it's gorgeous. Let us know how the flap works out. TIA!
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm so glad I finally had a chance to reveal a new bag on here!
  11. It is lovely! I almost bought the black-
    not sure how I feel about the flap tho!
  12. Congrats
  13. I think she is beautiful but too big.
  14. I think I want! Congrats!
  15. Beautiful Bag!!! It looks really nice on you. Thanks for sharing!!!