what would you get? (help)

  1. long story short i recently got some extra $$ and won a contest where i get $$ from coach as well so now i'm debating...have been actually before i even got the extra money to spend :rolleyes: which bag should i get...?

    ergo large leather hobo in white $368

    ali in white $498 (i have one already but it's got dirty :crybaby: ..)
    carly leather large, camel, $498
    carly canvas, large, either color $398

    orrrrrrrr should i get a whole bunch of accessories? currently eyeing the signature stripe collection and the hampton's signature w/applique (orange flower!)

    :shrugs: decisions decisions

    either way the coach $$ is going to be spent, total, it's about 200$ - i can pay a bit more for a bag - the extra $$ i suddenly got today helps.

    i was also considering the mandy courier but with my shoulder problems that would be too heavy.

    what would you get?
  2. the camel carly, won't get dirty as fast. I would def get something big, that way you'll remember how you got it, not a bunch of little things. and if you already got an ali all dirty, dont get another one, it will just get that way too!
  3. I'm crazy about the signature stripe accessories. They're to die for!

    But that :heart: Large Camel Carly... :heart: *drool...*
  4. actually, you should wait for the patent ergo! ooooooohhhhh.. love it can't wait, getting the big one!
  5. I would get the large leather Carly.
  6. i second that one!!!

    or the carly!
  7. I vote for the large leather Carly! Or some type of Carly-I just happen to love that design so...
  8. i was thinking about that!

    but i have no idea when the coach $$ expires..i guess i'll know once i actually get the $$ in my hands.

    i wonder if i can order it before hand..if it'll qualify.

    most likely i will get the camel if i can't preorder and it does expire...

    ugh. my head is literally running around circles lol.
  9. Oooh! You guys won too? Congrats! We won both weeks!

    I'm debating on bags too, I can't decide so i'm going to wait until the end of the month and see what catches my eye.

    I loveeee the canvas carly!! I vote for that with saddle trim.
  10. May 26th I think!
  11. actually i think it's just for me. :shrugs:

    it's the UPT and SPH thing. my japanese coworker usually wins but for some reason i got it this time.

    i had no idea what she was saying during dinner about the $$

    until my manager told me later.
  12. also, you'll get more wear out of it- year round! it's a beauty!
  13. carly! =)
  14. Carly!

  15. Get the Camel Leather Carly as you will use that bag all year round and not just in the summer. Congrats on your win!!! You deserve it for all your hard work. When you do decide please let us know your decision.