What would you get for 700 800 Euro??

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  1. I decided to buy the lady dior (not sure yet still deciding btw GST and LD) and will have 700 or 800 euro left what do you recommend me to buy ??

    I'm in love with trevi but its 1200 euro so its out of my reach for now !

    My collection is :

    Alma PM bleu nuit
    Totally azure PM
    wilshire boulevard pomme d'amour PM
    Dior panarea black silver hardware
    Stockton Bleu
  2. Save for Trevi? Or Vernis wallet and keychain?
  3. I don't like to save when I have money I want to spend it all :smile: and I will be in paris after that i'll return to my home country so..
  4. How about Verona?
  5. Alma!
  6. delightful or speedy with a pochette
  7. Verona!!! :d
  8. Tivoli pm : very cute ^^
  9. Palermo PM !! (=
  10. I already have verni alma pm in bleu nuit I don't like to have two bags with the same shape! :smile:
  11. :biggrin: I'm one of the rare person that hates speedy and NF because I see them everywhere ...
  12. Perhaps a Palermo PM or Bloosmbury PM? Montaigne clutch? :smile:
  13. damier speedy and a wallet
  14. well since you're buying the lady dior, which is an elegant bag IMHO, i think you need a sort of everyday bag.. then i'd go for Totally azure PM
  15. delightful, monty or rivington perhaps???