What would you get for $1800

  1. Why $1800? Well, I have the MC Speedy (or the Noe) in mind, but I also know that by the time that I have that money saved up (I'm aiming for Feb/March), I will probably change my mind. Just for kicks, I would love to hear what you would do with $1800 at LV?
  2. I would get them both pre-owned!:graucho:
  3. Good idea LV_addict!
  4. I would get the Cabas whistler!
  5. Add 300 and get the Suhali Lockit PM :graucho:
  6. Manhattan GM!
  7. Manhattan GM. I just adore that bag!! However I already have a few MC pieces. I think the MC speedy is a excellent choice for your collection!
  8. I think I will get a bag and an small accessory like agenda, wallet or a wapity maybe?:graucho:
  9. I would get a Coussin GM,w/m Wapity,Vernis agenda,and inclusion bracelet :biggrin:

  10. I could get a pre-owned black MC speedy, but the black MC Noe's are hard to come by on eBay. The few that I have found are so close to the actual price, I might as well just buy it new.
  11. l'aimable and the matching agenda.. a few bucks over the limit though.
  12. epi passi and the new speedy in mini monogram lin. have you seen the new lin bags yet??
  13. I would look around for any leftover pieces from the Cerises line.
  14. I have some ideas what I would do with 1800.00 :yahoo:

    Either buy my dream purse - the MC Black Petit Noe (This is what I really want) or........ MC Black Alma .......... or Lodge GM in MC Black of course!! lol


    Buy a few items to buy all at once for 1800.00:
    Damier Speedy
    Koala Damier Wallet
    Louis Vuitton Scarf

  15. I love the MC black petit noe, too! I haven't seen the Lodge GM irl, but it looks gorgeous in pics. I just can't decide.

    I could do what LV_Addict suggested--buy both the mc speedy and the mc noe, pre-owned--and I would still probably have some money left over to get a cles.
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