what would you get at Vuitton...

  1. if you have 1500 to spare?
  2. Epi Passy. I fell in love with it. and I can't stop thinking about it
  3. Tulum PM
  4. mono coussin,, key cles
  5. i think batignolles horizontal and a speedy 25
  6. Epi Keepall 45 in moka or black
  7. batignolles horizontal and a koala wallet
  8. Aurelia or Baggy PM
  9. baggy GM
  10. Batignolles Horizontal, Porte-Tresor International wallet, and a Wapity.
  11. A Hudson. I want one so bad!
  12. i alreayd have the Epi Passy.. the bigger one...

    i dunt like the monogram canvas collection... and i already wallet...

    what bag now? i was thinking a suhali.. but that wont be enuf right? :sad:
  13. You can get:


    But it looks tiny.
  14. I would get..epi alma in black and some sort of scarf to bright up the bag, luggage tag .
  15. I'd keep saving because $1500 can't get me what I want right now.