What would you do...

  1. I need help, I'm trying to order from Victoria Secret because they have a promotion going on right now. Well, the promotion ends today but it is not working and I qualify for it. I tried calling their online service but they are gone due to bad weather; the center is located in Ohio. I talked to someone else with victoria secret and she told me to call in a little bit to see if they are there. She says if they are not just go on and order then possible call back to see if they will do an adjustment. My question is this, would you order and wait for them to do an adjustment, which they may or may not do. I will call first to see if I can get someone but if not, I know Victoria Secret's customer service is usually good, but I want to make sure I save my $75 dollars.
  2. Never mind, I got it taken care of:yahoo: with VS.
  3. I'd order, because I'd regret it if I didn't and they'd do the adjustment.

    ... Oh you took care of it already? :biggrin: Great! :biggrin:
  4. ^ i was gonna say the same but good stuff :biggrin: