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  1. I've been eyeing on the Chanel Mini Square, but haven't bought one because I bought A LOT of LVs between February and May of this year (probably spent $10k+). Honestly, I did not notice the Mini until recently and now I have buyer's remorse. We recently purchased a house so I'd feel bad for adding the Mini to my collection. However, I just went through my closet and found pieces that I've not used in a while (including some of the LV bags that I've purchased a few months ago) and if I sell them, I'll have the fund for the Mini without the guilt. My husband saw me sorting through my bags/SLGs and asked what I was doing so I told him that I'm thinking of selling them and he told me to keep them instead. Of course, I didn't tell him why I'm selling them lol. Just curious, what would you do if you were me? Should I sell my LV bags/SLGs for the Mini? Thank you for your advice!
  2. If I were you and I was feeling like that then I would sell some of the bags that you don't use and use the money to fund one that you really want and will use. I'm not saying sell all of them, but maybe enough to fund the Mini and to make you feel a bit better. It's very kind of your husband to say keep them but I think if you were to buy the Mini while feeling guilty you wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much. I have been through this before with other things and always felt better after I sold something old to fund something new. Just my thoughts, good luck!!
  3. Agreed, sell what you aren't using to fund the mini
  4. I wouldn't sell the ones that you just bought. What bags are these and do you know, why you don't wear them? Will you wear the Mini?
  5. Thank you all for responding!! I've sold my bags/SLGs before, but this time was a little different because my husband actually gave me his 2 cents lol. He usually never cares about what I do with my stuff so it means a lot to me when he gives his opinion. I was also surprised that he was able to point out when and where I've acquired my bags/SLGs!

    It sucks to have buyer's remorse, but I've found myself not using the DA Croisette, Mono NF MM, Victorine, Multicartes, and the Chanel Boy WOC as much as I'd like. At the same time, I'm slowly falling out of love with them. I guess this is what happen when you buy too many things at once (mostly impose buys ). I'm hoping to get a black or navy Mini so that I can use it as my every day bag. I don't carry much and even my Mazarine PM (current every day bag) feels too big sometimes.
  6. I would just buy the minu and then sell the things that you really find u dont want
  7. +1
    What I probably wouldn't do is selling any of the new bags because you might start using them or if you sold them you might want them again. But if there are older bags which you haven't used in a while you might want to sell those.

    Personally, I try to buy one bag at a time with at least six months passing between my purchases. This way I'll focus on what I really want / need / love. Also I'll use that bag a lot when I finally allow myself to have it and am super happy for weeks. Of course there are many many beautiful bags and I'd love to have them all, however would probably only use my favorite thee. Thus I try to limit myself to those I really will get the use out of (I.e. one for everyday, one which fits a lot, a small one for nights out).

    Hope my "bag logic" isn't too confusing and on a side note: I'm cheating myself by buying looots of cute slg's. This way there too is always something new in my bag with me
  8. less is more. one perfect item, instead of lots of unused stuff.
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  9. In most cases, I think one should sell what is not in use. We usually don't use pieces for a good reason, and if you can fund something that you can use more, then I say go for it. When one has the financial freedom and the space to add to their collection, then selling is not always the best solution.
  10. I get what you mean about feeling guilty about selling! I never use my alma pm- it wasnt until after my husband bought it for me that i realized that its too formal for my lifestyle- but i cannot imagine selling it bc it was my first ever luxury bag and the memories of picking it out and where its been are so amazing
  11. Sell to fund the mini!! A luxury item should only bring you pleasure - if you feel guilt or remorse then it isn't worth it. It sounds like the mini will make you happy! Also, I am all for the less is more theory and looking at what pieces I truly need as well.
  12. TBH, I am not even sure if I can be of any help cause I always do the same thing, What I find doing though is selling my less inexpensive bags like Kate Spade, Mk etc. and some of my makeup on an app. I save that money and wait for an occasion like mothers day, v day, work anniv day, it just gives me something to look forward too and if I buy them for that certain occasion I tell myself I deserve them. Good luck.
  13. Thank you all for responding!! I totally agree with you guys; less is more. I've actually done the same thing (bought too many bags/SLGs at once and had a buyer's remorse) many years ago and I thought I've learned my lesson, but guess not?!

    I did stop by the consignment store today and dropped off a few items (mostly the ones that I haven't used in a while). I also stopped by Chanel to check out the Chevron Mini Square and unfortunately, it wasn't the bag for me. However, I did try on the Mini Rectangular and it's perfect! Too bad it was reserved for another client so I'll have to wait for my turn. I will definitely learn from my experience this time and (hopefully) no more impose buys!!!
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