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  1. Hello TPF! Wow, I haven't been here in a very long while...very long!
    I need your help with a quandary I'm in. I'm waiting for my very first Birkin (key word waiting) and don't know how long I'll be waiting. With that said, I've been working with a very reputable reseller who was able to procure for me pretty much my HG of Birkins (color, hardware, size, etc...)

    My question to you:

    Would you pay the steep premium of a brand spanking new hg Birkin or wait and see what your SA is able to get for you (assuming your specs aren't fully met)?

    Please help. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  2. What is your HG? That would help us advise you because some specs are much harder to wait for than others.
  3. Thank you purselover888 for your response/question! My HG is an olive green (vert veronese), PHW, 35.
  4. depends also how much the "premium" is...maybe?
  5. Get it from reseller. It's not available anymore unless they can order through podium?
  6. Thank you so much Panthere55! I was not aware of its current unavailability...like I said, I'm a newb ;)

    Fab41: correct me if I'm wrong but i believe current pricing for a 35 B (togo) is around $12,000 (USD) so the premium is an additional 5k. If I'm wrong on current pricing please correct me.
  7. I will be happy with 3-4K if it is brand new. Just me.
  8. Maplemoose - I should add it is brand spanking new :smile:
  9. Oh well, I hope it is OK to say this. 1-2k is a lot of money, but honestly, in the world of H, just a shawl or two or a nice SLG. I hate to say this. I will be incline to get it. Now you know why I ended up with many things Hermes... I guess I am not helping here... In any case, try to talk to your seller to see if you two can meet somewhere that works for both. Good luck !
  10. Thank you maplemoose! I figured I'd probably spend anywhere from $2-5,000 @ Hermes just trying to cultivate my loyalty to earn the B ... Or I apply that to the premium for a new bag. Yeah the seller didn't budge too much. I guess they're known for higher than normal pricing. Thank you for your insight
  11. that is too bad. is there an alternative for your HG ?
  12. Just saw you tried to negotiate with the reseller, but at $11,500 plus tax for a birkin at the boutique, it is not that bad.

    Also, I would only take from my boutique exactly what I want, and this color doesn't come around often, even as an option at podium (you didn't say whether you are just on the store's list of bags purchased for the store at podium or your SD promised to order that color bag for you when he/she was able).
  13. Maplemoose - there is another bag (from reseller) that is used but excellent condition (looks practically new). Not my hg but I'm really digging the B. It's also marked up in price by $2k; compared to the $5k mark-up for the new green B.

    Lulilu- thank you for your response. The bag is actually $5k more than retail. :-/ but the color is rare. My SA said she'd look for it but I also identified a couple other colors I'd be interested in; and so I guess it's a bit of both?!?
  14. 11,900 + tax. 😄 .. as of 3/26/16.. to me, buying this in US is already paying a premium ( it is about 3k less in Paris).. so another 5k is i think a test of how much " no other Birkin will do..( considering it's current unavailability as another poster said)...just imo

  15. I personally think the premium is acceptable given you can have the bag now!! Not sure about your store but some stores require customer to purchase jewelry or ready to wear and other non leather items of value up to th bag's price in order to release the bag to you. So 5k premium is a bargain! I also love love love an olive green b but I hope to get mine with ghw ;)