What would you do?

  1. I have a couple of high end bags listed on eBay (both over US$6K) and I've got a question about one of them from a buyer who sells fake bags of the same brand. She wants to know if I would go any lower on my asking price. What do I do? Do I answer her or ignore her questions? :confused1:
  2. Sounds Scarry..I am afraid this person will keep your bag and return it with fake....
  3. I agree. I think she will try and return a fake, or she sells so many fakes, that she has enough to buy and authentic and wants yours! haha. I would ignore her!
  4. Just tell her that you won't lower your price, I'd go as far to put her on the BBL to keep her from buying my bag and returning a fake!
  5. I agree with Jen Loves LV, tell her no and then block her from your auction. She may definitely buy your bag and then return a fake to you.
  6. She's not trustworthy. Block her.
  7. ignore her and add her to blocked bidder list:yes: DO NOT associate AT ALL w/ her.
  8. Defo agree with above. Block her and if she bids before you block then cancel. You soooo do not need the heartache of having a fake returned.

    Good luck - keep us posted
  9. Great advice. Don't lower the price for her and definitely block. Not worth the hassle!
  10. I would ignore the question and block them from bidding.
  11. IGNORE her!! :yes::yes: Dont associate yourself with someone who sells fake!
  12. Agree absolutely - you have reason to believe this person is engaged regularly in criminal activity by selling fakes - stay well away, even an association is too much.
  13. I agree with everyone - don't risk it.
  14. I agree...sounds too much like a bait and switch thing to me.
  15. scaryyyy!!!! block her!