What would you do?


Aug 20, 2011
I have the taste for finer things ;) As most of you do who are in this forum. Everyone around me doesn't understand. So the point of this is my boyfriend (dating 5+ years... This time.... haha) HATES when I purchase items from designers. Needless to say that sucks for me since we are in a committed relationship looking for a house and what not. So it serious and I have to consider his opinion. I REALLY want some Belle 85mm Boots. He says no like aggravated no. I'm not strapped for cash I have plenty of savings, stocks, mutual funds, very little student loan debt from college. I started my Etsy business to help me pay things off and it sure did now it's turning into a huge success and I want SHOES!!! :love: Should I wait till after I work my BUTT off for the Holiday rush and reward myself ;) or should I just buy them and say whatever it's my money. Either way i'm sure he will get mad but my logic is during the holiday time I work my day job from 7-5, make my jewelry from 5:30-11 for probably 2+ months. So I think saying it's a "reward" for my hard work might be a little way to sneak it in there :biggrin:


lettin' them have it
Nov 29, 2010
My husband hates it too so I don't consult him on luxury purchases. As long as I'm paying for it I don't think it's a big deal
Sep 26, 2014
Honestly ?

It's YOUR money.

That's the principle of it. If all utilities are paid, what is his problem, really ? You don't need to tell yourself it's your reward.

Your money, your rules. Especially if you manage it properly, unlike me, who bought her first pair of Louboutin shoes thinking it would be good but now the cash flow is rather... lacking.

Best wishes. The Belle 85 mm is a beautiful model.

Go for it!


Sep 6, 2014
Never let a man tell you how to spend your own hard earned money. If you want them and have the money, go for it! There's such a lack of joy in this world, and if something brings you joy embrace it even if someone else can't understand it.
Oct 3, 2014
Personal issue, do what you must. Do what you can and make sure you are ok with your decision!

Luckily my husband is just as enamored with me in heels as I am. He kind of prefers it ;)


Sep 4, 2014
Lets be honest. Us men spend money on things we technically "don't need"

But I think if you working so hard earning your money. Have no money issues
Then you should be able to treat yourself without any hassle.

I would love to be with a lady who loves buying & wearing Louboutins.
I would be helping in which shoes to buy
Apr 15, 2007
You work very hard & I think when you put it all in perspective, you should buy
the boots.

I just would not make a point of shoving it under his nose,IYKWIM..

Just wear them & enjoy them..


Aug 20, 2011
Thanks for your input ladies and Gentleman! They are opening up a new mall this month with a Christian Louboutin boutique so I'm going to venture in there I think ;)


May 20, 2011
My fiancee not a fan of all the high fashion goodies that I buy myself... but then he also has a hobby that comes with a price tag, so whenever he tries to guilt trip me about my spendings I reming him that we are equally fond of luxury items, just in different departments.

Also, outside the fashion topic — never ever let a man to limit or control you in those little things. It's a beginning of a very slippery slope and you don't ever wanna go there, believe me.


Oct 7, 2014
I used video games to explain my love for coach to my husband
I said honey you know how you have games you just have to have and you play them for a month or two and then sell them? And then there are games that no matter how many times you beat them you keep them anyways because they are your favorites? And then there are those new ones that you just have to have but then you don't like so you sell them right away?
Well coach bags are like that for me. I have some I use everyday, some I just had to have but once I got them eh so I sold it. And then there are those that even though I don't use them I love to look at them everyday? Well it's not any different from your games.
He looked at me clearly deep in thought and then said, oh ok. That makes sense. And walked away. And he hasn't given me a hard time yet.
Your man may not be a video game guy, maybe it's tools. Maybe it's hunting stuff. Maybe it's electronics. Whatever it is, men have a thing they spend money on that we just don't get. And it's just the same.
So I say buy the boots and enjoy them after explaining I him your love for fashion in a way he can understand. Compare it to one of his obsessions. 😊


Jun 4, 2011
East Coast
It would really bother me if my husband got mad at me for purchasing what I really wanted with my hard earned money. He knows to trust me with my purchases and judgement. He might say "this could have been this month's mortgage payment" or something along the lines.
Getting mad at you is not a good sign. You should set the ground rules now. If the bills are paid and you have your own "fun" fund aka the side business you should be able to buy whatever you want.
I say buy the boots, enjoy life and let your fiancé know your money is yours to have fun with ;)


Aug 20, 2011
I think it might have been interpreted the wrong way or I worded it the wrong way. He get frustrated not mad. Not like you can't do this blah blah blah trust me i'm too independent for that. He thinks it's a waste of money so thats why he get frustrated


Oct 6, 2012
I would buy the boots! My Boyfriend is also of the idea that I'm spending too much money in shoes (CLs), which sometimes I admit: I don't even wear if not just a couple of times, half of my collection sits in boxes and I keep on buying them!
On first place we used to fight because I didn't liked his attitude which used to ruin my 'new shoes mood' then I've just started to ignore him and sometimes even hide my purchases, if he say something I just put him back on his place: two words and the right look needed.

If you've earned your money don't let anyone for any reason to turn you off or ruin the happiness that comes from your purchases, so make it clear with him, even if he's just frustraded and not mad he still wrong, you just have to find the way to explain it with the right words as men really aren't smart on certain things!


Aug 20, 2011
Honestly, this was happening to me, and it was a bigger sign of things going on. Not saying that's what is happening to you, but divorce papers solved that issue. :lol:
Again I think people are reading way too much into it, that not at all what happening here. I know the difference lol He just doesn't want me to "waste" my money on things he doesn't find worth it. He is entitled to that opinion but doesn't mean I have to agree