What would you do?

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  1. Imagine that a bag you absolutely love, but can't afford at its regular price, is on sale (for a price you can afford) on LVR, but there are no pictures of the exact bag (there are pictures of it in another color only) and the item is not returnable (because it's 50 percent off). Knowing that others here have purchased from LVR and vouch for the company, would you buy the bag?
    If LVR emails you pictures of the actual bag, would the fact that it's not returnable be enough to preclude you from buying?
    I've never bought a bag this expensive before, and I'm afraid of doing something stupid, so I'd really appreciate your input.
  2. I'll take the plunge first! I am afraid I don't know LVR nor know anyone who has had experience, but assuming the TPF members who have supported the company are regular posters from whom I get a good vibe (that sounds really kooky, but I hope you know what I mean), I would do everything possible to get the photos of the actual bag from LVR. If I got them I'd probably go ahead. I freely admit I am a risk taker in terms of buying bags on-line in the hope I love them as much IRL. If I didn't get photos of the actual bag but saw its exact model in another colour and was confident the colour I wanted could be supplied, I would probably also still go ahead. No pictures at all would worry me!
  3. I'll just buy it and if I don't like it, I'll just eBay it off later. =) Good Luck.
  4. I say get it--then you could eBay it if you don't like it
  5. I agree with the rest. Cuz if you don't get it, you'll end up regretting the loss.
  6. Oh, Dev I can relate! The fact that this is your first time spending lots of money on the bag makes me say no to the bag...
    From personal experience, you may feel guilt or made to feel guilty by others because of the high cost or you may be disappointed once you receive the bag and carry it around for a few moments. You may just change your mind about it. But you cannot return it.:sad: If you are eBay savvy, then it won't be a problem with not being able to return it. I tend to change my mind lots of times!
    Is there a way to go to a NM, Saks, or Nordstrom dept. store to see it or a version of it?

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  7. It's really tough to decide because, like you gr8heart, I tend to change my mind and experience buyer's guilt/remorse. Plus, my boyfriend thinks it totally ridiculous to spend even 100 euros on a handbag.

    There are no Saks or Nordstrom's here, and the only store in proximity that would possibly carry the bag doesn't have any and has no plans to order any in the near future.

    The funny thing is, the bag isn't very practical (it's an Alexander McQueen Novak by the way). It has no outside pockets, no separate inside compartments, and does not even fit over the shoulder. Yet I think it's the best looking handbag I've ever seen. It's so different and classy. It even shows up in my dreams (seriously)!

    I suppose I will just get it, and re-sell it on Ebay if I'm not happy, as you all suggested. I could probably actually make a profit, since the other people selling the bag on ebay are selling it for a price higher than retail. Ha!
    Of course, the best thing would be to be thrilled with it and keep it. Anyway, thanks to everyone for their help! :smile:
  8. I have bought in this situation and it worked out well. Yes they do not allow returns which is not great but if it is a bag that you have wanted then you prob wouldn't want to return it. ALso if it does come and its not you then you can always sell on ebay and I guess you would prob get your money back on it if its at that much discount

    Good luck
  9. oops should have read your final bit about ebay above! sorry! so yes you are right you could go that route. It sounds amazing by the way!

    good luck and remember to post pics if you do get it
  10. I think people who love the Novak, tend really to love it which would suggest a resale on Ebay would be perfectly possible with the caveat that Ebay is being very weird about authenticity and pulling the most reliable sellers' auctions at the moment. If you do go ahead, keep all the original receipts/paperwork/tags in case you later decide to pursue the Ebay route.
  11. Great to hear you are buying it! Please post pics once you get it. Thanks!