What Would You Do?......

  1. I getting a mirroir pouchette (silver) sent to me sometime next week. I initially wanted gold, but now I'm not sure if I even want one. I have a Love / Hate relationship with the mirrior. So, I can't justify spending that much on a purse that I have doubts on.

    Here's where the dilemma comes in....should I keep it with it being LE and all? It's already been charged to my cc. or sell it? I know a couple of girls who are aquintances -- one of them is :drool: over this bag and wants to buy it from me, even over the price I paid for it. I don't mind selling it to anyone but this girl seems to abuse her bags! :wtf: I want it to go to a caring home!

    The BF thinks very little of the mirrior and thinks I should sell it on eBay, but I have never sold anything on eBay so my profile shows (0). (I've seen karenkooper selling hers' for $1000 -- is that crazy! Mind you I am trying to save up for a trip.)

    Should I just hold onto to it and maybe I'll appreciate more when I do get it? :confused1:

  2. I'd wait till you have it to decide....
  3. Somebody posted a pic on another thread of them holding a gold one and for the first time, I thought 'wow', that looks so nice/different/special on her! I'd keep it (or switch for gold) and then maybe if you decide to sell it later, you can make some cash on it then get somthing else you really like. If the gal wants it now, she'll want it in a month or so likely, so you have that to fall back on.:shrugs:
  4. if you needed to cash now, sell it

    if not, keep it for a while longer, you may change your mind on selling......
    most ppl will regret after they sold their LE away......
  5. Thanks for your replies ladies.

    I don't need the cash right away at all. I just hate buying a purse and having doubts on it!

    I guess with it being LE, I could always find someone who would want it in the future.
  6. I would definately buy it and decide what to do with it later you may decide you really do love it when you can have a sit down with and have a proper look even try it with a few outfits and you can always sell it as a fall back plan
  7. I agree with the others. If you decide you don't like it, you know you can sell it.