What would you do?


Feb 10, 2011
I recently found my jewelery box (which I have not seen for 10 yrs or so). There are a few pieces of gold bracelets and necklaces. It's all gifts from my parents when I was younger. I don't see myself wearing these pieces. in my opinion, they are outdated. I thought of selling them and use that to help fund my jewelery list which I will and can wear.
I told my mom about this and she was totally against the idea. Her reason being it's not a good idea to sell gold (hmm... really?), it's hard to find good quality gold nowadays ( quiet heavy and thick 24 k gold)

Im torn since I know that it's hard to find this type of gold in the market anymore but I also know that I am never going to wear it at all.

Should I just go on with my plan and not tell them about it or should I honor my mom's wish?

Eventhough I am an independant adult but there is also apart of me that will always try and please them and ask for their permission before I do something especially when it comes to this (i.e. selling or giving away the gifts that they got me)


Feb 12, 2013
If you are never going to wear it, then I see no point in keeping it. I think it's entirely your decision since they are your pieces.
Your Mom may be saying that about gold because the price of gold has dropped quite a bit and there's a lot of those "we'll buy your gold" type of places that aren't really legit.
My best advice is to get several quotes and go with who is going to give you the most money for your gold.


Apr 16, 2011
I can see your point about selling it to help fund pieces that you will use but I do actually agree with your mum. The price of gold has dropped so now isn't really the best time to sell it if you don't have to. Would it be an option to have it melted down and made into one or several custom-made pieces which you will wear?
Nov 26, 2006
I'd want to sell them so I could save up for a piece I know I'd wear everyday. But, I wouldn't because of the quality factor and right now isn't a good time to sell gold. And I know, that I could pass down these pieces to my kids some day and that they would hold true sentimental value because they were from my parents.


Feb 25, 2012
It's a tough decision, but if u know u will never ever wear them, then i'd say keep a couple of pieces for the sentiment & sell the rest. But i wont sell them now though....better to wait for the price of gold to go up first. That way u can get more for your gold.


Mar 29, 2010
I would not sell jewelry if it was given to me by my parents...maybe one day you will appreciate it and wear it, or it could be passed down to your future children. Heavy and 24k gold would be impossible to purchase today because of the expense!