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  1. If you just found out that you were carring around a fake spy that you thought was the real deal! It just happened to me after I found this site and I'm kinda upset.
  2. can you post pics? maybe it's not fake?
  3. Depends on how much I paid for it. But I gues, I will hide the bag and hopefully one day I will forget all about it...like a relationship that gone sour.
  4. I'm sorry; I'd be so mad!:cursing:

    I agree that it depends on how much you paid for it & where you got it from. I don't think you could file a claim with paypal anymore (if you used that, you should look into it).

    If you still like it, use it. If the whole experience leaves a bad taste in your mouth, give it away to someone that doesn't care it's fake.
  5. I am very mad, sad, and upset, I paid quite a bit of money for it and I have not carried it since me finding out that it was a fake (sitting in the back of my closet now) but maybe when I feel like carrying it around one day then maybe. I have started carrying my prada around again and I know it is real, but I am looking for a real one like that for my birthday since it is next month. I am so glad I found this website.
  6. There's an authentic used zucca on eBay right now you should check out.

    eBay: AUTHENTIC FENDI SMALL ZUCCA SPY BAG 8BR511 $1780 NR (item 320067773036 end time Jan-09-07 20:03:00 PST)

    Otherwise jomashop sells authentic Fendis at a great price and has a zucca right now for $1200 (retail $1800).

    Fendi 8BR511 Brown Womens Spy Bag

    Good luck:smile:
  7. I'm sorry this happened to you (I too would be very upset. I guess this is why I never really carry the bags I got off eBay and that I'm only 99% sure of :s)
    How long have you had the bag? Is there any way you can go after the seller, possibly file a claim with PayPal or your credit card or something?
  8. Thanks for the replys ladies and the tips, but keya, I have had the bag for over one year and the seller is no longer registered so it is a lost cause. I have learned my lesson and will never do it again.
  9. Sorry to hear abour your fake Spy Sinarta:sad: I am sure that most of the girls on these boards have been a victim of purchasing a fake bag with the faith that it was the REAL deal....I hope you do find a beautiful authentic Spy one day, if you do find one you like on eBay just post it in the authenticate thread and one of us can help you in authenticating it. Good luck and hang in there....your Spy is waiting for you somewhere out there!:yes:
  10. oh Sinarta, that is so awful! I would be very upset too. I found out that a bag I had might be fake after finding out that the seller sold other bags which were fakes and I absolutely adored that bag. I never carry it now because of that. And the fake is so good that even NM couldn't assure me one way or the other! But I figure if the seller sells one fake, what's the probability that mine is real?

    Anyways, best thing you can do is get rid of it and start over. And the next time you buy, Authenticate the heck out of the bag, so you are protected. I am so much more skeptical now because of it, but atleast I am smarter also about the bags I buy. Some lessons are just painful, but hang in there, a lot of us have done the same thing too.
  11. Awwwwww honey, you didn't know. I'm so grateful for this site and these girls. Before investing in a bag, ALWAYS run it by the girls here first on the "Authenticate this..." thread. If you're still interested in buying your bag from eBay, I'd like to recommend Pinchrosemary. She always has spys and they're authentic. I got my zucca spy from Buylow1011 for a BIN price of $850 and I couldn't be happier! How long ago did you buy it? Is there any chance of your getting your money back? I'd be pssd enought to go on eBay and leave a review informing potential buyers that that seller sells fakes advertised as authentic, buyer beware.
  12. Quite Honestly..Id never buy a bag an ebay...its so sad to hear these stories!So sorry!
  13. Oh my! There are so many fake ones out there that cost a bomb. I would be fuming if it happened to me.
  14. Thanks for all of the replys ladies, but I probaobly could not get my money back because I got the bag back in August of 05. I have learned my lesson (but at least I got some good wear out of it) and I am glad that I did find this site because if I ever do decide to buy a bag off of the internet, I will run it through you guys before purchasing it. It was a real good fake though because the last time I was in Saks, I went to the Fendi store and the girl was asking me about the purse and wanted to know if I was willing to sell it because one of their customers wanted that bag.