What would you do?

  1. I was at a thrift store/consignment shop near my house the other day (Plato's Closet, they have them across the country), anyway and I've bought Coach bags from them before. Their return policy sucks but they said they were guaranteed authentic, checked out before they were put on the rack, 100% guarantee, etc. The ones I bought where to sell on eBay, not add to my collection.
    Anyway I've bought 2 and was looking at a blue suede small flap bag and considering buying it when I realized it was fake! :wtf: I hadn't been looking for obvious signs since the lady assured me before that they were knowledgable about fakes and never sold them.
    This one looked good on the outside but didn't even have a serial # on the creed. It had signature pattern on the inside so it wasn't a really old bag or anything.
    Anyway, I told the lady who was working that it was fake and pointed out 4 or 5 things on the bag that made it fake, and she was just like, "Oh, okay."
    I was like, "Umm... you guys guarantee authentic bags. You probably want to take this off display." And she was just like, "Yeah... maybe."
    WTF? Would you let it go or call back and talk to a manager the next day or what? I didn't want to a cause a scene but I don't want anyone to buy it thinking it's real either!
  2. If it makes you feel better make the call. But I wouldn't expect the manager to be grateful. They seem to get defensive.
    Maybe you could slip a note in the bag that says THIS BAG IS FAKE.
  3. same thing happened to me at macys. and tj maxx. and BOTH times, nothing happened. i was escorted out of tj maxx and asked to not return. and completely ignored at macys.

    you can try, but i honestly dont think it will do any good. :sad:
  4. It makes me so mad! I understand how a "good" fake could slip through and they not realize it. But c'mon! No serial #? Anyone who knows anything about Coach (as they claim to) would know that's fake!
    BTW, it's behind the counter so you have to talk to an associate to see it, so slipping a note in it is not an option.
  5. I purchased a small flap bag (swing bag actually) in a rose suede from the Outlet.

    had signature lining (not the obvious FAKE signature lining) and there wasn't a serial number on the creed patch...

    so...are you sure it wasn't just an older bag? was it a swing bags? I believe they only started putting serial numbers in them recently?

    just a thought...
  6. It wasn't a swingpack, it was similar to the leather soho small flap bags but it was suede.
  7. I would call back and speak with the manager, even if nothing is done, I would feel like I done my part.
  8. You can also go on their website and email any concerns you have. I did that once with Plato's closet. They have a corporate site. The one in our area used to sell fakes and know that they were fake. They stopped and said their owner was no longer allowing them to sell anything that was fake. They still sell "designer inspired" but if they have the actual Coach name or LV they can't sell them.
  9. I went back tonight and it's still there, on display, with the tag saying it's real. :yucky:
    Same girl was working so I didn't bother telling her the same thing over again. I didn't know you could email corporate, but I'm going to do that now. Thanks!
  10. you can always call the coach counterfeit line at 1-800-396-1807 or counterfeits@coach.com ...worth a try.
  11. I emailed corporate at Plato's Closet. If they don't get back to me, I'll try that number. Thanks, Kal!
  12. Wow!! I am new to Coach and just started my collection. I had no idea a company like Macys (Kallison's post) could sell fakes...Great!! I guess I better become knowledgeable on authentic Coach...any ideas where I can read up?
  13. it was a serious fluke. our macy's doesn't carry coach- the only time they do is when someone does a return. so NO employee is knowledgeable about the product, simply because they don't carry them and have nothing to compare them to, you know? 99.99% of macy's bags are fine, so don't worry.
    if you want to start being able to id a fake, i suggest looking through those threads at the top- both the authenticate this! thread and the worst fakes. the biggest tip on a signature piece is that the c's are a mirror image of each other.
  14. I'd call and make sure the manager knows but like you all have said, most likely nothing will happen though....which is very sad.
  15. I just got an email back this morning: