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  1. if you had to choose between a Putty Pinnacle Eva and a Bone Gathered Sophia (not the large, but the regular size)?
  2. First i would want to know does this size sophia work for you? I am not a fan of the regular size, its small for me. So with that said i would go with eva. She is a beauty and i do love her, but not as much as the large gathered sophia's.
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    I own the Eva, and not the sm gathered Sophia, so that's my choice.
    The bag is beautiful and very high quality and will last years. Not so sure about the Sophia with those gathers that may spread open.

    However that said, the Eva has that flap with magnets which can be difficult to open and close with one hand. It took me a while to get used to it.
  4. I have the regular sophia in the small size in black and yes, it does hold what I need on a daily basis - but then I don't carry a lot. I tend to like larger bags though, because I feel they look better on me being fairly fluffy and all that...
  5. The Eva is much bigger, which may or may not be a good thing for you.... however, it's a flap bag and thus nowhere near as easy to get in and out of as a Sophia.

    So I guess it boils down to - do you want looks or functionality? (Although TBH they both have a fair bit of each!)
  6. I have two Pinnacle Allie's and as silly as I know it is to hold on to both I cannot bring myself to part with them because of how fantastic the leather is. So I totally get your point about the Eva and the pinnacle quality. The separation of the gathers is also what worries me - the wallet is fine, but a bag does scare me a bit.

    Things to think about for sure....
  7. Its kind of hard to get past the loveliness of the Eva - so I can convince myself that it will be very functional - just look at how pretty it is!!!
  8. LOLOL I'd probably get that one myself but that's me....
  9. I am short and petite and I didn't like the way regular sophia looked on me either, I understand. I think it may be more than the size of the person wearing the bag, its more a comfort level. So that said if you are not that comfortable with that size sophia go with the eva, she is in between the regular sophia and large. Another thing is what attracted you to the eva vs the sophia?
  10. They're both lovely, but they're two different flavors. I would go with Eva because I love the leather, look and size of that bag. But I love Sophia also.
  11. The pinnacle leather gets me every time - it seems like a bag that will last forever and ever and then some more. It certainly doesn't hurt when it is marked down a lot either. It just is a very very classy bag or so I think.

    Unlike with other bags, I've never felt the urge to get more than the one sophia that I have. And that one I bought because it was the black regular size at the outlet for $125 - at that price it was something I wanted.

    So it looks as if I am leaning more towards the Eva - even with the flap and the magnets, it maybe the bag for me.
  12. I have Sophia and I love her. I've never seen Eva but from the pictures she is gorgeous. They are two totally different bags. I'd choose both :P Sorry I am not helping
  13. That thought did cross my mind, but I'm trying to be really good here.....:biggrin:, guess we'll see how that goes.....
  14. I think she is a wonderful choice for you and the color is stunning. Enjoy!