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  1. I won a bidding on a LV bag today. After I won the bid. I noticed the seller got a new negative feedback posted today. it is about a Tod's bag that was listed as brand new never used. Buyer left a negative feedback said the bag was listed as brand new but there are discolorations around handles and zipper. The LV bag I won was listed as brand new, too. So I immediately e-mail seller of my concerns. Basically told him I do not like surprises and if there is any imperfection then please disclose. I also told him, I can't tell real from fake, but I will find someone who knows. I told him about caroldiva authentication service. I will have the bag authenticated once I got it. If it is real then he has nothing to worry about. If it is not real, then we can all stop right now.

    He wrote me back, super pissed. Saying he has this and that much positive feedbacks and never been accused of selling fakes. If I am that worried then I should just buy directly from LV store. He threaten to report me and cancel my bid.

    I sent him another e-mail stress again on not willing to buy fake and will authenticate the item once received. If it is real, then he has nothing to worry. However, it is up to him to decide if he still want to do business with me.

    Am I wrong to be skeptical? It is prohibited to sell fake on eBay. But, come on, fakes are been sold everyday.
  2. Just because another buyer found issues with the bag they received in no way indicates that there would be issues with the bag you purchased.
    IMO your message to the seller came across as hostile and threatening.
    If there weren't adequate photos in the listing to ascertain authenticity why bid first and threaten the seller second?
    ITA agree with the seller and I can certainly understand why he responded like he did.
  3. I certainly understand not wanting to buy a fake and you are correct, eBay is rife with them. However it doesn't sound as if this particular seller has had issues with authenticity before. I have never sold on eBay (only bought), but if I were the seller, I would think that you had cold feet about the purchase price and that you were trying to get out of the deal. You have every right to ask questions about condition and to ask for additional photos, but that is something best done before you bid. That way you can be satisfied before bidding. I do think that it is the buyer's obligation to ask all questions and ask for all necessary information before bidding.

    Is there something specific that raises a concern in your mind about authenticity at this point?
  4. I'm not surprised at all that the seller replied 'super pissed' as you put it.

    Honesty you sound like you were very hostile towards them and an apology would be a nice idea.

    Just my thoughts.
  5. Yeah, there really isn't any need to ever be rude to a buyer or seller.

    I'd be concerned as a seller if I received such an email in thinking that I was going to be scammed.

    I think I might even cancel the purchase at this point.
  6. Sorry, if I came across as threaten. Seller can't get the heat stamp pictures for the bag. I can't get it authenticated here before I bid due to imcomplete pictures. So, I told him I will once I got the bag. If I intent to scam seller, why would I bother to tell him all this.
  7. I would hope seller disclose all condition about the item. Since the item is listed as brand new, I would expect the item to be in mint condition. Not brand new but appeared to be used and with discoloration.
    Mainly because seller can't get all the pictures for me to have the bag to be authenticated. That part is my fault, I should have it authenticated before I bid. Seller don't appear to "know" his bag, even though he claim it was a gift he and his sister bought for his mother. The dust bag that came with the bag don't appear to be the original dust bag. Seller claim it is the original dust bag. LV uses brown dust bag for their items prior of 2004. Seller's dust bag is the cream yellow one that are used after 2004. I understand dust bag do not tell the whole story, so I did not press for that. I do care about the bag, that is why I make sure he knows I will authenticate the bag.
  8. I would think scammers don't ask any question. They get their item then just file complain. If I were a scammer, would I tell him all this? On the contrary, I am afraid to be scammed.

  9. I think you should stick to buying at the store.
    eBay shopping is not for the faint of heart and it sounds like this is beyond your comfort zone.
  10. I don't think that anyone was implying that you were trying to scam the seller. It is hard for people who have never sold on Ebay to understand what sellers go through. I bought exclusively for quite some time before I started to sell. It was only then that I realized how little I knew about how Ebay worked. Things have changed quite a bit since then-----it used to be a level playing field but now things are so stacked against sellers that it is ridiculous.
    If you want to post a link to the listing, fine. If not just wait until you get the bag and then have it authenticated. Buyers have more than ample protection so it shouldn't be a problem.
    I must say that if I were the seller I would be thinking long and hard about my options at this point.
    If I am interested in an item and there isn't enough info in the listing and the sellers can't/won't provide it I don't bid. There will always be another of whatever it is listed some day.

    eta------- If you are that scared of being scammed you really should either do your homework first and bid second or do as was suggested and shop retail.
  11. A bid is a binding agreement to buy the item. When you bid you aren't just putting feelers out or playing around... you are agreeing to buy the item. Do your research before placing a bid. The seller not having enough pictures for you is not an excuse to back out of the sale.
  12. I totally agree with you. I agree to buy a authentic bag, not a fake bag. I make sure seller understand I will authenticate the bag. As for the other suggestions to buy from retail, I think I might just do that.
    The item I bid on is not sell in store anymore.
  13. You may want to consider authentication before you bid, it saves stress on both you and the seller. If the seller cannot provide additional photos that assist in authentication, it is probably best to pass on that auction and save yourself the headache. Buying retail is the safest, of course, but not every seller sells fakes. just my two cents...