What would you do?

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What would you do?

  1. Open Heart Bracelet

  2. Daisy Bracelet

  3. Cartier Plain YG

  4. Cartier Semi-Precious Stones

  5. Cartier YG with 4 Diamonds

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I am trying to decide which bracelet to buy next. FYI, I am looking for a bracelet to wear on my right wrist (I already have a RG Love on my left). I may want to stack the bracelets in the future, but I am not sure yet.

    Would you buy one of these instantly:



    Or would you save up for one of these:



  2. I just got the gold open heart elsa peretti bracelet I absolutely love it
    I hope to own a love one day soon, you're very lucky
    As you already have the love I would go for one of the Tiffany bracelets and then if your still hungry for a second love save up for it
    I regret not getting the open heart sooner
    I just didn't realise how pretty it is in person
    The daisy is on my WISHLIST but I couldn't afford it just yet
    I bet it's a stunning piece with those diamonds
    I don't think you can go wrong with either
    Someone here said the multi precious stones cartier was limited edition so not sure if they still have it ?
  3. Thanks for your answer... I may do that but I guess I will still wish for another Love.

    Do you think that the diamond Love is a timeless classic just as the plain one?
  4. Yes I do if it's with 4 diamonds
    It's a tough decision
    If you long for a second love you will probably never satisfy that longing with anything else
    No matter what I buy I still long for my first love bangle
    I think 10 diamonds takes away the design as apparently there are no visible screws
    However it is still a beautiful piece
    I would really like a plain YG and a RG or WG with 4 diamonds someday
    It's only as you already have one I'd consider other things but if your heart is aching for a second love then that's all that will make you satisfied in the end
    You really can't compensate if you long for it I've learnt that now!! :smile:
  5. I chose the Daisy Bracelet. I think it is great to vary your jewelry collection. Although another Love would be nice, I feel that it will not enhance your collection at this time. Go for something different.
  6. I'm interests in the daisy bracelet ... Have you seen it in real life ?

  7. It is really sparkly. I think it is about 1/2 an inch in size. Pretty piece.
  8. I'd love to buy it sounds so pretty I just love sparkle

  9. I am not a big Tiffany fan so obviously my vote would be either the cartier 4 diamond or the multistone.
  10. I vote the daisy and then later on get another love.
  11. daisy bracelet! it's really pretty IRL :biggrin:
  12. Thanks for all your answers!

    I like the daisy bracelet as well, but I am not sure if it is really an everyday bracelet because it's so delicate.

    I would love a diamond bracelet but also something that I can wear all the time and without worrying.
  13. I hope this helps :
    The daisy chain looks thicker than the DBTY bracelets
    I wear the gold single diamond DBTY from Tiffany 24 /7 I wear it layered and have kids under 5 and a big dog ... It's not come to any harm, it's been caught on my jumpers and taken a yank a few times it's fine
    The daisy chain looks the same thickness as my new open heart bracelet
    I'll add pics here so you can see the thickness of the open heart bracelet compared to the chain on the DBTY
    There is no way my open heart chain could snap without deliberate force
    Now I hope someone can confirm if they think I'm judging the thickness of the daisy bracelet chain correctly
    I looks sturdy to me
    I'm definitely going to be buying it when I can afford to it looks very sturdy and generous in size of the diamond daisy so I imagine there's alot of sparkle going on there
    Please anyone correct me if I'm wrong but it looks gorgeous!
  14. As I'm on the iPod I can't add photos but here's a link to the page of my bracelets
    Check the chain thickness difference and compare to see what I mean
    That DBTY has been on my wrist for 2 almost 3 years 24/7 in bed shower and always layered
    It's surprising how much it can withstand tbh
    If I thought it could snap I wouldn't wear it as I'm not exactly careful with my jewellery and kids pull on it , when my daughter was a baby she yanked on my bracelets and they're fine
    I think you'd have to go out of your way to break them
    I'd wear with no concerns


    When I first got my DBTY I was concerned I thought it was fragile but I just get on with it and it's been fine
    If you saw the amount of abuse it's had being on my arm you'd have no concerns :smile: