What would you do?

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What would you do if you loved both equally?

  1. VCA sweet Alhambra Now

  2. Cartier love bangle keep saving

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  1. So this month I have finally saved for the VCA sweet bracelet £900
    I have wanted this bracelet and the Cartier love for a few years now ...
    What would you do ?
    Buy the VCA now as I can
    Or keep pushing and save for the Cartier now keeping the £900 towards the Cartier

    I love them equally
    What to do?

    Which am I more likely to end up paying more for if I wait with price increases ?
    As I'll definitely buy both eventually
    Such a tough decision
  2. If it makes a difference it would take 6 months approx to save for the Cartier
  3. I would buy the sweet bracelet now but also keep saving. VCA is only going to increase it's prices as well! plus the scarcity of sweet bracelets in store, if you can find one I would grab it!

    there are a lot more Cartier love bracelets in the marketplace...the only downside is the constant price increases :S
  4. If you don't mind use I see a lot of second hand Cartier love bracelets on ebay and other jewelry store.
  5. I would get the sweet for instant gratification.. :biggrin: and keep saving for the Love.