What would you do?


Sep 26, 2006
I know what I would like for my first Bbag: a black First. :heart:

Here's the dilemma: I can buy a used one with the "good" leather for [roughly] $850-900 on eBay, or a new one for $995 (that is the price at BalNY, right?) :confused1:

Which would you pick?
I prefer new over used. Have you seen them in person before? You should really have a look at the different current leathers and make your mind up that way.
welp, if the bag on e-bay is an '05, i'd buy that over a new '06 :tender:...the 2005 leather is some of the best around!!!
Girlie you are so right, i love my 05 Olive Green Day and thanks for helping me. :heart:
It really depends, if the one on ebay is in a good condition gor for it otherwise get the new one.:graucho:
I would buy used for no more than $800. More than that, you're too close to retail, and you may as well buy new at that point! The new leathers look shinier, but I have to say, the ones that I've seen that are broken-in, the leather is quite nice as well.
New – not all new bags have thin shiny leather – the current batch seems to be much nicer and thicker than SS06. The other problem I have with black bags is that any handle darkening cannot be seen. You could be getting really gross handles and touching someone else's oils without knowing it. The ick factor really puts me off used bags in dark colours.
OK, I say new because not all the newer (06 and 07) leathers are "bad". Just call BalNY and explain exactly what you want as far as the look and feel of the leather. A black first is something they will always have tons to choose from (since they make it each season) and they can hand pick one that fits your leather preferences. It's shouldn't be hard finding a good one and then you'll enjoy the smell and ownership of your very first brand new Bbag!