what would you do?

  1. this is bugging the sh*t out of me....and i think i am going to pass this potential job offer...here is the reason.

    two weeks ago, i got a phone call after 8pm...but i missed it b/c i was on the phone. and the next day, the receptionist emailed me for an interview on a saturday. so i went. and this potential employer wanted me to take a week off so he can test drive me. i told him i'd think about it. and after i thought about it, i told him it would be impossible since i took 1/2 week off the week before. and i've been doing some job interviews and doctor appointments (mamagram and got call back...very stressful). so he proposed i work on a saturday. so i agreed. and i went today. i didn't feel like going already and this morning i couldn't stay late in bed and i went to "work". he had another guy to show me stuff. but the guy didn't even give me anything in paper so we could talk a little, he showed everything on computer (architecture).....there's not much annotations on the drawing...how am i supposed to know what is what when there should be some kind of information. ugh. as i worked there....my resentment grew stronger. i was there from 11:30 till 3. and then i told the boss that i had to leave. and we had a short discussion....and he wanted me to come by more like during weekdays after work or weekends. at this point i was getting quite mad. he said he really had to try me for at least a week before committing to hire me. i told him i had a lot to do during the weekends and i am working full time and there's no way i can leave my current job after 5pm and go to his office to put in more hours. and he said "of course i'll pay". i was like....yes i work for money but this is just so f**king insane (i said it in my head, not out loud). he even used the analogy that he dated his wife for 6 damn years and still didn't want to commit so they lived together for another 2 years and then tie the damn knot. in my head: i am not sleeping with you fool...i just want a job. and this is not forever. who the f**k do you think you are.
    i was so mad after i walked out the office.
    and then i went to shop...ugh...i shouldn't be shopping.
    the whole time i was there...if i just hang on to this day...i will be able to leave my hellish job. but at the same time i got so resentful.
    i don't know....if he ever calls me again...i think i am going to tell him this is not working out. it is just so exhausting. it's not even some kind of star firm....i am going out of my way to i am not even sure for what....
    i am venting....
    am i wrong to think this way?
    i don't know. i really want to leave my job but i am not sure if i want to move into another hell hole....pls enlighten me.
  2. I've never heard of working as a trial before you're hired. Is this standard in your field?
  3. No. I've never experienced it or heard of it. He said he hired someone who
    pretended knew everything and turned out not the case. For me to see it....for the stuff he gave me to work on really can show my knowledge. Just don't understand what he wants. Ugh.....the thought of him gets me irritated.
  4. I'd walk away.

    He could hire you with a probationary period -- that is standard. What he's doing doesn't speak well of his management skills IMHO.
  5. nope.. never heard of that either.. and the analogy with his wife shows that he has commitment issues.. consider yourself lucky that YOU got the opportunity to test drive HIM too.
  6. i proposed to him about the probation idea and he said he doesn't need 3 months...he only needed one week.

    - yeah...that's what i think too. i just felt he can be very difficult to work with...he just strikes me as someone has unrealistic high expectations.

    after reading all the comments...i think i am making the right decision.
  7. The guy sounds really demanding and high maintenance. If he's like this now then just imagine what it will be like when you are actually working for him.
  8. You havent even started working for this fellow and you hate the job already. What exactly is your hesitation/question?
  9. i want to know if i am being objective about this situation. i can't really think straight these days.
    actually bf made the exact same comment.
  10. Its unimportant if you are not being objective to this situation. The bottom line is that your perception of the situation creates your reality in this situation and as such its clearly not for you.

    I would say thats just my .02 but you yourself have made the case for walking away so I think its your .02 (if not more) as well.
  11. walk
  12. OK, I agree with your assessment and from other posts. Definitely walk away from this one. He kind of sounds like a nutcase.

  13. Very much agree with this.
    And don't forget, when you are wondering if one hell hole will be worse than the other, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't. Go with your gut feeling and pass.
  14. If you already feel this way and haven't even gotten the job yet I would run the other way. It doesn't sound like a good situation at all.
  15. That is NOT standard policy. It is completely unrealistic to ask someone to come and work evenings/weekends outside of their own job just so someone gets a good feel for you. That's what interviews and probationary periods are for.

    Clearly, this guy doesn't have much concern for standards or how employees are supposed to be treated/managed. If he has unrealistic expectations now, just imagine what would happen if you worked for him.

    As someone who had a job from hell, I understand how badly you want to get out fo there. But taking a job that you already have bad feelings about after one shift won't help at all. Hang in there! A much better job is going to come your way.