What would you do?

  1. I'm in serious need of some good advice. I'm trying to buy my first Bbag, but it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Actually it's driving me nuts!!:crybaby: I have a few options, I want a City in black or some bordeaux/grenat colour. Of course, I want it to be smooth and soft but also a little bit distressed.

    I have contacted SO many stores around Europe AND the US and have only gotten a few answers so far. I have a few options, all three stores will help me pick the kind of leather I like, two of them will send me pictures of the actual bag I'm buying, but all of them have a few downsides:

    LVR- until the new collection comes in they have no black and the leather on their current grenats isn't they way I like it to be

    Printemps Paris- won't send me pictures of the bag but have black in stock

    Aloha Rag- pricey with the added tax and I have a hard time getting through to them via email, plus I still don't know if they have any black left

    What should I do? Wait until LVR gets new black bags? Hope and pray that the Printemps SA is trustworthy and picks out a bag I'm going to like? Or pay tax buying from Aloha Rag? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: I've also seen some great-looking bags on ebay, but the tax is an issue there too of course, and it would be nice to get a brand new bag (since it's my first bbag purchase)

    It might not seem a big deal, but I'm going crazy waiting and thinking about it!

    I would be so grateful if you could give me your opinions on this!
  2. I think Aloha Rag does have black city now. I don't think they'll email you a pic of the actual bag. About 2 days ago, I asked them for pics of some Bbags, and they sent me a pdf of all the bags they have in stock.

    I realised that even for black, the leather can vary very greatly. Comparing my black city to my sister's black purse, mine is very very black with a slight sheen, whilst my sis' is matt black. I prefer mine! :P If you're particular about the leather, then wait for the pics, otherwise give very very detailed instructions and hope for the best!

    As for ebay, some sellers are willing to mark the items as gifts or lower the value, so you'd save on tax. No harm asking!
  3. Have you tried BalNY? They always have a lot of black Citys and I was told they'd send pics
  4. I would try to go to a store first if you can't there is Claire at printemps who is very helpful est friendly.
  5. You can also try Neiman Marcus (any)...a good SA will track down the bag for you from any of their stores and ship it to you :yes: