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  1. I have gotten pricing on the new engagement setting I am going to get in the next couple of weeks. I have received 4 quotes, all varying by at least $100 or more.

    The lowest is from a local vendor--the only local jeweler I quoted with in fact-- who is new to carrying this line, and I will be his very first order to the maker. He will do whatever I request, as will the maker, and has been awesome with his service so far. However, I have yet to make a purchase from him so I haven't seen his quality on my own pieces, but he is extremely communicative and I really like him as a person. I like his work in his cases. It's almost all loupe-perfect even. I am awaiting word on how much I would get in "Scrap Trade" for my current setting, and that helps pay for part of the setting.

    The 2nd lowest was from a vendor who I have spoken with before but who has yet to respond to me beyond the quote request. So I kind of rejected them for the lack of communications.

    The next one up was from a jeweler I have had great experiences with, however, is not local. I would have to pay to ship my current setting to him, and then shipping back would be on him. I would also receive "Scrap Trade" from this jeweler as well to offset cost. This vendor has done a LOT of work with the setting maker, so I would assume a great relationship. His own benchwork has not been amazing though.

    The highest I rejected as the jeweler wasn't willing to comply with my request that they not do any work on it, and only have the maker to all work, because I want the warranty intact. So that was out.

    Would you go with the local one who was lowest but is new to this maker, or the one with the record with the maker who isn't local and was a bit more expensive? Either way, neither jeweler will do the work, it will go to the maker regardless.
  2. If the maker is doing the work, then I would go for the lower price jeweler. If you have any problems, then I bet he will be happy to assist you. The higher price jeweler is far away, and this could be a problem if there is an issue with the setting.
  3. Go local! There's a lot to be said for good customer service.
  4. This is where I am leaning. I love the non-local guy but man, shipping, distance....just not ideal to me. I have not found a local that's seen me more than once (with the exception of me going ape**** on them for ruining my first ring) so I really am hopeful that this might work. Otherwise it's my own stupidity.
  5. go local because sometimes if something is "off" but just a hair, you can always go to the local guy and POINT to the exact bit that's off and he can see it.

    It's surprising how most people online who sell stuff often say, "I don't see a problem with it."
  6. Dude, people in PERSON have said that to me. Um, it's so lopsided it wouldn't "stand up" when I set it on the counter head first. How is that hard to see?!

    This guy does seem hyper-anal because just within a few minutes of meeting me he was having his bench "fix" my current setting so it was less irritating for the next month or so. It drove HIM nuts. lol
  7. i agree and definitely you should go local.

    we bought my original engagement ring from a local jeweler and let me tell you, it really came in handy (before i lost it) whenever i wanted it cleaned and checked to just walk right in and have him do it within 15 minutes. also, it's walking distance from where we live so that's another plus. they really take pride when it's their own creation.

    even though i no longer have my original e-ring, i still bring my current rings to him for cleanings and to check my stones. we have built such a wonderful relationship over the years that he's very accommodating.

    unfortunately dealing with a jeweler online really inhibits that one-on-one interaction. especially with everything that has been going on with your e-ring(s), i would much prefer to have someone local that you can frequently interact with if/when there's a problem.
  8. Local. I SOOO miss my local jeweler. It's so great to be able to drive over w/ any issues and sounds like he's trying to earn your biz.
  9. Ame, given your luck & history, I caution you to do some research.....google names....etc......& local doesn't have to necessarily mean 10 minutes away. If I found a GOOD jeweller 2-3 hours driving distance, I would strongly consider.

    For me, I would demand they follow my specific wants and needs. And for that, the Jeweller needs to be an ARTIST.....or have a team of them at his reach. My jeweller doesn't physically construct the settings- he sends it to a team of "artists" who hand-craft each and every piece. The item is then a true piece of art.

    And at the end of the day, you're way overdue for something spectacular.

    May I ask what the setting is like?? :graucho:
  10. Yea that's my issue. I don't know how this guy's work will be on my items but Ill see how they did resizing my w-ring on Tuesday so then I can make a final call.

    Either way, this jeweler--neither actually--will be allowed to work on the ring, and Ill adhere to that regardless of what the setting maker actually declares. I want the maker to work on it.

    Here's a pic of the ring:
  11. Ahhh...ok!

    Love the new setting btw. I think it will look stunning once complete.

    Here's the thing.....I know you've stated that you've wasted a lot of money on custom work gone nightmare, but the key is doing the research in advance. I don't know how much you've dished out personally, but I'm guessing by now, you could have had a Leon Mege or Mark Morell !!

    All I'm saying is there are times where spending more $$$ initially will actually save you in the long run.
  12. Yep, that's why we are definitely going with the Vatche brand. Definitely. I don't want custom unless maybe a plain band to match.

    I could definitely have had both a MWM set and a Leon Set by now, we did the math. In 5 years we have paid 7600 on settings alone. That was all effed up stuff too.

    I have definitely researched the brand, and I have experience with the one jeweler already, I know both are sending the order to the same person and I know they will send my very explicit directions to the maker.