What would you do?

  1. Oh my - I got myself into a big one this time. Yesterday was my birhtday and some of the girls here bought me a pair of heels that they knew I was looking at on the net. Now, normally that would be a good thing but look at the heels they got me -

    Of course I am wearing them (or at least TRYING to wear them) today to be nice.... but they are killing my feet - as you can imagine. I wonder should I just tough it out for the rest of the day or admit I just cant wear these.

    I really dont want to be rude to them since they were all so nice to me ...

    What would you do?

  2. Heres the pic -
    Andreas birthday heels2.JPG
  3. They are really pretty but I don't understand how you can wear them for more then 15 min unless you're a trained ballerina :confused1: Maybe you can just tell them that you love them but that you will be saving them for "sitting down" events :shrugs:
  4. OMG. And I thought the shoes *I* wore today were painful! Seriously, just looking at those makes the arches of my foot tingle *shudder*!
  5. they're cute. just by looking at them my feet are starting to hurt!
  6. Those things are crazy! I understand your dilemma...

    I would probably think about how much walking is required for any upcoming events with your friends. If you know ahead of time that you guys are going out to some event where you'll be sitting most of the time, then plan on wearing them. Since they know you have a ton of shoes, it's probably okay just for them to occasionally make an appearance (at a sit-down event!). They won't make the connection.
  7. Happy late birthday.

    I would admit I couldn't wear them.
  8. Ouch.. I could never walk in those! It was a really nice gesture for them to do that... I'd say thank you and sit on it a few more days and decide.
  9. Wow! Those are some extreme heels! Very pretty, though.
  10. :wtf: My feet would fall off :Push: