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  1. Should I keep the grey croc carryall, zip around wallet, and wristlet that I got yesterday at the outlet or should I return it in hopes that I will find the black croc carryall at the outlet some day? The black is what I have wanted since I saw it at the fp store, but couldn't justify spending that money at the time. Yesterday, I got the grey one at 30% off-20% coupon that I had. I don't know when and if the black will come in at this point because it is more sought after and my outlet is an extremely busy one. I put myself on client tracker for it when I called. However, they are not always great about the client tracker :sad:

    I feel like the grey is gorgeous to look at, but I don't know. I keep going back and forth on it
  2. I would hold onto the gray until you actually get your hands on a black one. Then if you don't ever find the black one, you can decide how much you really love/need the gray or not.
  3. I say ditto what codegirl says! Sound advice to be sure.
  4. I love the gray! It's a hot color this fall/winter--I'd hang on to it just in case you never find the black one!
  5. I'd hold on to it and keep the tags on, if they ever call you when they have the black in, you can just exchange, at least you won't lose out on the set if the black never comes in
  6. Ditto. I seems only certain colors make it to the outlets, this time being the purple and the gray.
  7. hold onto her -
  8. I think the gray is beautiful. If you're unsure though, I agree with everyone else that you should keep the gray until you're able to find the black one.
  9. I just bought a black one today, only one they got in. I love the grey too, but if you can't get the black one out of your mind I would keep the grey until you find the black.
  10. I am jealous! ;) I have a feeling that I won't be able to get the black because there are probably not many left and when they do hit, they go fast. My outlet isn't great about staying on top of client tracker :sad:
  11. I think the Gray is very versatile and a "Hot" color for fall and winter. More interesting than the black.
  12. i agree with alot of the ladies here. hold on to it until you find black- and if you don't- return it- but hey- grey is SOOO the new black!
  13. I am in the Washington DC area right now and found her at the Leesburg VA outlet. Maybe call them and ask if they do charge sends and if so check with them in the nxt few days. They seem to get in a great selection of FP deletes compared to other outlets I have been to. The # is 703-771-7881. GL I hope you find one :smile:
  14. I just called and they only have grey
  15. Sorry, Hopefully the outlets will start getting them in and you will find one.