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  1. Ok, SO, I got a cute op art kristin bag and matching wristlet at the dillards 40% off sale. AND I also go the Black Gathered sophia, paid fp, from Nordstroms. I really love the set that I have and will be satisfied with just that but I REALLY LOVE the way the gathered sophia looks on me. Sort of impowering... Anywho, here is the thing. My husband dropped his iphone this morning and I considered maybe selling my gathered sophia to help get some funds to get us both an iphone 4... (i secretly love the iphone 4 too.) So my question, is it worth to give up the gathered sophia to get an iphone? I have this weird feeling it's gonna be hard to find later on but then again, iphone 4 would be super sweet plus the hubby would get a new phone... (His still works, it's just cracked on the bottom.) Iphone 4 or gathered sophia... what's your vote...
  2. I just went through this same thing... I chose the bag because I think I'll ask for the iPhone for Christmas. iPhones are easier to find!
  3. Hm, tough choice, but I absolutely love my Iphone 4. And it is something I will use everyday. I mean sure I can use the bag everyday also, but I have to rotate to get use out of my other bags too. So really I would not use it all the time.
    My vote is for the Iphone 4. It is worth it!
  4. Get the Iphone.....the way things are going you will probably find your Sophia at the outletin a month or 2!
  5. As much as I love Apple Computer products, I would keep the Sophia. There will probably be an iPhone 5 in in the spring.
  6. The Sophia in gathered leather is not a limited item. You can still get this bag. Go get your iPhone 4. :smile:)
  7. If the phone is just cracked, still working, I would wait on the phone. That's just me, though.
  8. I love my iPhone 4 so I would say go for the phone.
  9. Me too. :biggrin:
  10. get the bag, in 6 months there will be a newer phone, but, then, there are always more coach we want too... I'm no help
  11. I think if you get the phones, both your husband and you will enjoy them. Double the fun!
    You can always pick up the bag later if you miss it.

  12. You didn't say which iPhone your husband has. I have a 3GS. I have been drooling over the iPhone 4. I thought about going for the upgrade but the differences between the two phones just don't justify the expense to me. The 4 has a better screen, face time and a camera with flash. That's all I see different to me. I figure the next phone could have something that makes it a LOT better than what I have now.

    I vote to wait on the phone. JMHO!
  13. Agreed!!! I know the gathered Sophia is selling well, but even if you can't find it at the outlet, it'll be on sale at Macy's or Nordstrom or some department store in your area. I love Coach, but practical purchases like gadgets come before bags. It gets exhausting spending all our hard earned money on bags all the time. Lets change it up a bit. Hehe!
  14. We only have the 3G phones. And seeing all this stuff at the outlets makes me worry since I did pay full price. I think I will get the 4g. Thanks gals!
  15. Wait on the phone. Seriously, Apply comes out with a new iPhone like every year. Plus, the iphone 4 has antenna issues. Even with the 'free bumper' they let you order, mine still drops calls like crazy! My iphone 3G never dropped calls. Even with the bumper on I drop at least 4-5 calls a week. Its ridiculous. Love my phone, but that malfunction is very annoying.

    Keep the purse. Ask hubby to wait till the newER iphone comes out and he'll be set with an even better phone :smile: