What would you do?

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  1. I conversed back and forth in a timely manner with a seller on a bag. I decided to buy it. I paid for it on the 12th of September.

    I sent a few emails (on the 17th, and the 21st) inquiring as to whether or not the bag had shipped.

    Finally received a response on the 22, saying seller was unable to get to e-mail, and then had my bag ready to ship but then couldn't find the padlock (it's a paddy) and she had searched everywhere for the padlock but as of now it was missing. She said she took it out when she sent me additional pictures, but then lost it. She offered me a refund straight away. I felt uneasy after 10 days and not even knowing if the lock would be found, I requested the refund.

    I checked my email 14 hours later, no refund, no communication.

    I emailed the seller back asking for the refund that she promised she'd do right away.

    I received a reply (now it's the 23rd) saying the lock was found and it was in the "side pocket" and she gave the bag to someone to ship already but she could try and stop the shipment and still do my refund.

    I've asked for the refund.

    I'm uneasy because the communication was good and timely before I paid for the bag.
    The missing lock has kind of set of some warning lights in my head - I paid for the bag about 1 day after she sent me additional pictures. The lock was in the pictures. Then to misplace it for 10 days? Wouldn't you know if a paddy lock was in the bag (based on it's weight)?

    I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt, yes she could've been sick. But she is the one that offered me a refund (now 24 hours ago) and I have requested it, and I feel I'm being jerked around.

    What would you do?
  2. I would contact ebay customer support or open a nonreceipt communication, so you are protected.
  3. I didn't buy on ebay.. it's from bonanzle...
    Does bonz have the same kind of thing?
  4. IMO, Sounds highly suspect. I would pursue the refund. Sounds like she had "seller's remorse" and was avoiding you. The best of luck to you.
  5. I wouldn't want to buy a bag from a careless seller like that. I would still ask for refund.
  6. i think i would request the refund still. hope this works out for you. - good luck-
  7. Hi, I have requested the refund. Twice.

    Of course it's been another 12+ hours and no refund.

    Should I open up a paypal dispute?
  8. Did you use PayFoe and a credit card?
  9. ^^ yep paypal & CC

    I noticed Bonz has a "order resolution center" but it has to be 2 weeks to file a item not received.. should I just go right to paypal?
  10. You would have to open a INR dispute through PP's Buyer Complaint Policy. If PP rules in your favor, it will reimburse whatever it can recover from the seller, so a refund is not guaranteed.

    I would not open a dispute just yet. She may be stalling the refund either because the bag was shipped or because she doesn't know whether or not it was shipped. Either way, it sucks that she's not communicating with you. Crappy seller... Yet you need to be careful.

    I would send a polite message reminding her that it's been over 24 hours and you've yet to see the refund, that you know she's probably busy, etc, but that issuing a refund takes only a few seconds. Ask her what's up and tell her you need to hear from her by a certain time.

    If the time comes and goes with no contact from her, I would open the INR. If you do, make sure to explain the situation in detail, include copies of the emails, and point out that the seller agreed to a refund.

    You might end up getting the bag when you least expect it, and if you do, you'll deal with that when it happens. But right now the seller should be able to prove its delivery, and she can't. If PP doesn't rule in your favor, and it should, or if it can recover only part or none of your money, then I would dispute the charge with the cc company.
  11. If you don't hear from her by Friday afternoon, I'd start an INR process through Paypal. 12 days ought to be enough time to ship a bag.

  12. #12 Sep 24, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2010
    OK now it's been 3 days since my refund was promised straight away. I got one weird email the other day saying her mom now had the bag and she was going to try to stop shipping it. (even though her last email she hadn't even found the lock, on a bag that allegedly she had taken out to take pictures of the week before). Shady in my eyes.
    Sadly the seller is a tPF'er :sad:

    I have just opened the dispute in paypal.

    My question is how long do I wait before escalating it to a claim?

    Edit to add: just checked she was last online here at tPF yesterday, so I know she is online and receiving my messages.

    This just plain sucks. :sad:
  13. I would escalate it right away.

    Please post the seller's eBay or Bonz ID. We need to add her to the list of sellers to avoid.
  14. thanks karmen.. I escalated to a claim.

    I am a bit uncomfortable posting the sellers ID here just yet. I will wait to see how it plays out.
    I'm still clinging on to some hope that maybe the seller is honest, as crazy as it sounds.
  15. My claim has already been closed... the seller finally refunded me. I guess it just took me filing the claim to get them to act?

    thank you everyone for the advice.