What would you do?

  1. Hi, As people on here know I have been after a Petrol spy (after regretting selling mine). I managed to get one, item 110039273668, with help from people on here. Now its a really lovely bag looks brand new and is bubbly but not as bubbly as I would like (not like the one I sold). The spy compartment has no bubblyness although the bag does. A brand new Petrol spy has just been listed 290046830364, this one is bubbly on the spy compartment but I do not know/think its any more bubbly anywhere else.

    Would you go for the new one listed and sell the old one or keep the one I have?

    I have a beautiful Cherry which is really bubbly (Have a thing about them being bubbly as you can tell LOL) and have just bought a bubbly brand new Cognac. I do want to try and find a Green Spy but they are not listed very often and sometimes have a lot of fading.

    Any opinions greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi saich..
    definitely go with the new petrol #290046830364...
    absolutely gorgeous!! I love, love the bumpy leather...it looks alot more vibrant...
  3. oh and yes...still getting those pics of the green over to you..:yes:
  4. If you are not happy with the one you have then I would go for the newer one! But I have to say that both spies are BEAUTIFUL! I would love either one!:heart:
  5. Thanks HandbagAddict4Ever (great name) and Gigi615. I am 90% happy with the one I have its still a lovely vibrant blue and is bubbly but just not as bubbly as I would like. Just not sure if the new one is any more bubbly might even be less bubbly but it is brand new and love brand new spies.
  6. I see what you mean about the second bag!!!:nuts: LOVE the bubbles!!! If it bothers you so much, def. sell the first one and get the second one to replace it.:yes: They are both GORGEOUS though!!!:love:
  7. This is the one I stupidly sold 290017954596 covered in bubbles, I then went and bought 110039273668 has quite a lot of bubbles but my first one was in a different league although I do love the 2nd one. Then theirs this new one 290046830364 ( it all gets very confusing ) the actual bag on the new one does not look that bubbly if you scroll down the page its more the spy compartment thats bubbly just have no idea what to do. I shall end up with loads of Petrol spy's trying to replace the first one. I am just so finicky when it comes to bubbles on spy's I can be a bit of a nightmare:dftt:
  8. OMG Saich, you're EXACTLY the same as me!!! And I thought I was the only one that really concern about the bubbly thing :greengrin:. Okay, l want to share my story to you, I'm now end up with 2 green spies, 2 cognac spies, and 2 dark brown spies because of the same reason, the newer one I found is more bubbly than the other one. I thought at first I was going to sell the older one once I get the newer one but guess what...when I actually did compare them side by side, they BOTH (ALL) look the same, sure the more bubbles one is prettier when you really look at it up close, but honestly it's not much a big difference. Trust me, I'm super picky when it comes to spy bags, 3 of my spies are not as bubbly as others(sequin, cognac,choco) because they came from the first season and rare...so I had to live with it. Funny thing is, sometimes when I found the more bubbly looking spy on ebay I just wanted to snatch it up right away even though I already have the color(just like you!!!! ;) ) because they make the newer ones way more bubbly than the first season ones. Sometimes I couldn't go to sleep thinking about how some of my spies are not bubbly enough LOL :roflmfao: I know I sound stupid but hey...can't get enough of a bubbly spy LOL
    And now I forced myself to sleep just because this one time I ended up with THREE cognac spies just because I really wanted a spy with MOST bubbles. I must say I regreted it because it's not much of a big difference :shame: I ended up giving it for my mom on her bday :heart:
    So yeah...you're not alone saich...if you ask me for honest opinion, stick with the old one because it's going to be a hassle with getting the new one then have to sell it for a much lower price. You got yours now for way cheaper than the one just listed. But it's all up to you and what your heart tells you ;) Good luck with whatever decision you will make, and let us know what you end up with :love:
  9. definitely go for the one that is "perfect for you". i love bubbly look too:yes:
  10. Olga4 I am glad I am not alone regarding bubbly spy's but you are right the new one listed is very much the same as the one I have. I cannot believe you have 2 green spys I wish I could get hold of just one in good condition. I have just bought a new Cognac and had Selfridges going through all their stock to find me a really bubbly one. Oh for Bubbles on spys they are just brilliant........:nuts:
  11. saich, your cherry spy is to die for! I'll be dreaming of that tonight. And your petrol is gorgeous too.

    I can't really tell if the petrol currently listed is more bubbly than yours although it is newer. But yours also has a gorgeous deep color, as though it's new. I would pass up on what's listed right now.
  12. I know you are right Deco its just the thought of another Petrol out their that might be more bubbly then the one I have. My Cherry is beautiful I wonder why they come up so rarely on ebay. Thanks everyone for your advice