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  1. :confused1: ok so im very confused i ordered my mono speedy 30 because i am selling my mono speedy 25 and then in a few months i will buy the azur speedy 25

    but if my mono 25 dosent meet reserve (the bag is only a year old and i dont want to lose out to much on it) should i relist it? or should i just keep my mono speedy 25 and get the azur speedy 30 for christmas?

    errr i love the mono speedy sag on the 30 and i should of gotten that from beginning ...idk
  2. it would suck to lose money on the mono 25 but it sounds like what ya really want is the mono 30, so i would get that and since the azur 25 is cheaper than the azur 30, in that way ya 'save' back what ya lose? hahah, hope i'm making sense.

    p.s: i think the azur looks cuter in the 25 than 30.
  3. Can you just sell the 25 on ebay and purchase a used 30 on ebay so that you don't actually lose any money? I also agree that the Azur is much cuter in the 25, but that's jmho.
  4. u guys are right!! im gunna relist one more time

    the mono 30 is already sitting in my room!! so hard not to use it ( i ordered it on tuesday from elux when they had the 8 percent cash back)!!!