What would you do?

  1. Ok I recently bought a ink city also the matching wallet. Thought this was the bag I would want. Today I went into Nordstrom and saw the most beautiful leather on a work bag. Only thing is its black which I wasn`t too crazy about. But the size which I thought would be too big really isn`t when you put your things in it, but the leather is thick, extra, extra soft, just haven`t yet seen one like this. I want this bag but can`t really afford to keep both, what should I do??? I know the ink is also popular so should`nt have too hard to time selling it. Advise please!!!!:confused1: :yes:

  2. I think you should go with what you love. I bought an Ink work but it ends up being too big for me. I would personally love an ink city.
    I think you will sell it easily, (even if you don't ship to us in europe :crybaby: )
  3. I would just keep Ink If I were you...It is beautiful color~
  4. Go for the one that you LOVE :love:
  5. hang on to it for a week or so. if you still love the other bag (go back and visit it!) then sell the ink and move on to a work bag (they really do rock). I'm sure you probably could find a ink work if you looked around- then you could have the best of both worlds!
  6. Keep your INK City,:yes: it is very hard to find and a beautiful color. I have been looking for one with a good leather for a long time now.:crybaby:
  7. I say keep the Ink City. Use it for a while and make sure you arent gonna part with it and then regret it. I have an Ink Purse and I would seel all my others first. When I discovered Bbags all I wanted was the Ink. OR just charge the other one and then decide when you have both of them and return the one you really can live without. You can buy a black bag anytime. The ink will be harder and harder to find. I would kill for an Ink City and wallet...hint! hint! in case you need a buyer! ha.
  8. I would keep it since it is very sought after and beautiful (would love one myself too ) Black work is easier to find and you're not as crazy about the color either.
  9. I would either keep the ink city or sell it and get an Ink work instead of the black if you like that size better. Have you tried conditioning your ink. I would want the matching color bag if I paid that much for the wallet.
  10. I appreciate all your suggestions but you don`t see leather like this black work has. Shouldn`t that be just as important as color? My ink has great leather also but the work is exceptional for thickness and softness! Maybe I will purchase and decide which will go.
  11. ^^ i think purchasing the work now and then seeing how it works out is a fantastic idea. I always do that and after a couple of days, i realize the bag that's best for me most of the time, so that should make it easier for you to decide.

    & i've love to see pics of the work when you get it.
  12. if it's me, i would get the black work :P
  13. I love the INK - I would totally keep the INK...
  14. I would try out the work and then go with your gut! It is whatever feels right for you!:yes:
  15. hhhm it's such a tough choice. I would say keep the ink and look for smooshy black work on e-bay, this way it's cheaper,plus with older and broken in bags you'll find softness and smooshiness more easily.