What would you do?

  1. Last month, I sent a bag back to the repair center. It turns out they couldn't repair or replace it, so Coach gave me a credit for a new item:yahoo:! Ok, tangent - I must say I'm very happy with Coach. This bag was used and the reason I sent it back was that it had fur trim which had "gone bald" in a couple spots. I'm getting back the cost of the bag new, including tax! I just wanted to give a "plug" for Coach - I know it gets knocked as not a high-end designer, but I've got to hand it to a company that truly stands by their product.

    Ok, stepping off the soapbox now and getting back to the point - I now have this credit and I'm torn - do I go out and spend it right away (ladies, you'd be proud, I've cultivated a shoe/clothes obsession in my husband, so he wants to go out Sat. and shop (gasp!) so we'll be right near a Coach store!), or do I wait? What would you do? I'm contemplating the Ali bag in whiskey, or perhaps getting the shoulder bag that I have in suede in leather as well.

    And while I'm babbling, some questions for the SAs - the credit I got (it's a letter from customer service that I'm supposed to bring in to redeem) says nothing about expiration, but it does say that they'll hold my original item for 30 days. Does that mean I have to use the credit within 30 days? Also, the letter talks about redeeming in full price stores and catalogue/online, but could I use it at an outlet (according to hubby, we're going to the outlets Sun. b/c I've created a monster!).

    Gosh, sorry for all the questions and the babbling, but TIA!
  2. I think it would be burning a hole in my pocket! I am not good at waiting.
    Seriously, try not to get something just to get something. If you really love the Ali (it is gorgeous) then go for it! What color are you planning?
  3. Bo Regard (love the name by the way) - I'm just like you - waiting is NOT something I'm good at! But, just like you suggested, I don't want ot just ge4t something for the sake of getting it. As far as color goes, I'm considering the whiskey, and I really do like it. I think I may just have to pop into the boutique and see if I'm really head over heels with it or not.
  4. Yeah i would have to go ASAP, i would be so excited. And your husband wanting to go shopping...doesn't happen much. The Ali is gorgeous, i would def. consider it.
  5. I have a feeling that if I don't get something in the whiskey color I will regret it.
  6. congrats b/c you get a new bag!

    that's one of the reasons why i love coach. you get full reimburstment or a coupon for 40%.

    if you change your mind and want the item back, you have 30 days, there is no expiration on that credit as far as i know, and if you use your credit you forgo your bag

    vice versa, you want your bag, you can't have the credit.

    g'luck on picking just one! ;)
  7. mrs whitney - thanks for the info - that's what I was thinking, but I figured i'd check with you guys b/c you're so knowledgable and helpful!

    Coach lover- Im definitely taking advantage of this "blue moon" occurence! the Ali keep growing and growing on me!

    Bo Regard - I'm with you on the whiskey - that's what I keep thinking too.

    I think you guys are helping me resolve this problem (and it looks like I might have a new bag soon! LOL!). I'll keep you all posted, but thanks and keep the opinions coming!
  8. I would first wait till the new floorset, and then go thumb through the book to see all the things that I think are up to the resort. If you can go to a pinnacle store or the one in NYC, you can check out bags that weren't released mainstream!
  9. I would go out & buy the most expensive bag I could afford (that I know I could sell). If it wasn't a keeper, I would sell it on ebay and use the funds to buy what I want.
  10. I think you might regret it if you do not get one of the bags from the Legacy collection. They are beautiful and stylish and really are items to keep forever. The whiskey color is beautiful, too, and you just can't go wrong with it!
  11. !!Great news!! Another pro-Coach CS story. I like a business that takes care of it's customers. It's worth so much to do it the right way, creates a lot of goodwill.

    I absolutely agree! - Legacy is a must. :heart: And when it's gone it's gone.
    Go fall in love with Whiskey like I did. ((hmm that sounds odd....))
  12. I'm actualy thinking about sending something in for repair but didn't know that I get the option of keeping the item still if they can't fix it. I have the optic lurex black demi and the handle is tearing apart. I've seen this happen to other people too. Thing is I have this other bag with a dogleash clip handle that I can use on the bag once the straps area completely kaput. I'm holding onto it still cause I love that bag and don't think they'll release the same thing anytime soon.