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  1. I am on a desperate hunt for a leather sabrina, called and my somewhat local (over an hour away) outlet has a small cranberry one. I really prefer the large size, although I have never seen either in real life on my arm...Should I go ahead and make the drive and get the little beauty, or hold out until I can find a large one???? Argh!!!! Decisions, decisions!!

    thanks, angela
  2. I talked to my closest outlet yesterday and they have a few leather and OP sabrina's in both sizes. at least yesterday they did.
    the store is in Branson MO, the do not do charge sends, but will do charge holds.
    I wouldn't buy the small, but I have 4 larges, so I would hold out. They are still showing up at the outlets. If you are someone that like smaller bags then maybe this is the one for you.
  3. Yeah, that is what the hubby said also, hold out for the large....I called another outlet today and they didn't have any leather ones, but said to call back in a day or two because she thought they may get "something" in...i thought that was hopeful~!!!
  4. OP, did you ask to be put on client tracker for the large size sabrina?
  5. No, I didn't..this is my first time on the hunt for something..I am a real newbie...Can someone give me the details on client tracker?
  6. Bunny- were you told that Leesburg no longer does Client Tracker for boutique/JAX transfers?

    I've been told that the past several times I've gone looking for a specific bag...When the SA says "can I help you find something in particular", I've asked about being put on Client Tracker and each time I'm told that they only will do it for MFF stuff (this makes absolutely no sense to me!!!)....
    Even Fav. manager said the same, although as a consolation, she did ask if there was anything in particular I was looking for and said she'd keep it in her head for future reference in case anything came in. She's not always there though, so I have a feeling I'm missing out on a bunch of wanted items....
    Wondering why some outlets do 'Client Track' but ours no longer does???