What would you do?

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  1. I've been lurking reading and (very seldom) posting for a few weeks now and am amazed by the wealth of information and wisdom on this forum.

    My problem: I suddenly find myself in love, make that obsessed...actually, utterly consumed might be a better description. With Hermes. I need to buy a/some bags to satisfy my lust so that I can return to my normal, practical, functional self. I do almost nothing but look at bags all day (well, when I'm not doing the minimal amount of work necessary to ensure the paychecques keep coming).

    My history: I've had a black 28cm Kelly GHW (not sure what leather, but it's not box) since 99 that I bought when I was poor, poor, poor (as in really, really poor grad student living on 28.5K/yr in NYC) and I've used her a lot and think she's lovely, but never really fixated on her. Over the years I've acquired a few silks. All was well. No obsession. Then, three years ago I got my 35cm Orange Swift Birkin and fell head over heels. I've been lusting for more ever since. I just placed an SO at FSH for an Etoupe Chevre PHW with orange lining and stitching, but know that I will have to wait forever on that one - at least it will feel like forever. I need something sooner than forever. I've come close on several bags I've seen online (in particular, a gorgeous red buffalo/crinoline retourne Kelly at Haute Gallery comes to mind) but can't quite pull the trigger because I keep thinking I might really want a rouge H or havanne croc. If I buy a croc, it will be the only bag (other than the SO, which I don't anticipate having to finance for...well, forever). If not, I can buy a few lovelies (bags, silks...I find myself wearing my few scarves a lot lately and loving the way they look and make me feel). I tend not to baby my stuff. I view dents, dings, scratches as evidence that my stuff is well-loved. That said, I'm afraid I would never use the croc for fear of destroying it.

    So here's the question: What would you do? Buy one to-die-for (IMO) croc birkin that might get occasional use only or buy a few bags that would be well-loved and oft-used? I know no one can decide for me, but it would really help to hear opinions.
  2. 1 tdf croc birkin for occasional use and 1 (or more) additional bag (to the kelly and birkins you already have) to use often?
  3. when the opportunity came up to buy my Rouge H croc, i was paralyzed by indecision, until my wise friend luxlover said to me "piggy, if you don't buy that Rouge H croc you'll spend the rest of your life thinking about it and regretting it!"

    so, i bought her, and as you can see from my avatar, i'm so so so glad i did! i smile every time i look at my most beloved baby B of all! (^(oo)^)v
  4. go for the one croc and keep one leather bag (kelly or birkin).
  5. Go with what you are totally obsessed with - provided that you will use it and love it to pieces and are comfy spending the $$ and hopefully will satiate desire

    Fingers crossed for you! :biggrin:
  6. maria - love your thinking, but I'm pretty sure I can't swing a croc and then some - at least not this year

    lvpiggy - That gave me pause. Maybe the perfect croc will appear before I break and buy something else? That would settle it, I think.

    kim_mac - I can't get rid of what I already have or the SO (when that comes). I have a really hard time letting go...

    880 - Thanks. That's my dilemma. I'm not sure I would use the croc because I truly do tend to use what I love, but I'm not "gentle". I know I would use the others and love them. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if I want a croc just because I feel like I should, KWIM? They're gorgeous, but are they practical? I am, generally. Though not with this new obsession it would seem.
  7. I think with the Kelly and the two Birkins (eventually), you'll have enough normal leather bags to be loved and worn for everyday. Get something in croc for that wow piece in your wardrobe; even if it's only worn for special occasions, you'll have it for the rest of your life so eventually the cost per wear will even out somewhat :P
  8. I think all of us need that one (at least) special piece in our life (em, wardrobe/closet) that makes our heart swoon (gaga). Even if that one piece doesn't get worn much. To me, it's enough if it makes me sit and stare at it all day long with love in my eyes/heart and my heart leaps each time I take it out to admire. Even if it remains a Cinderella piece.
  9. Well said ms piggy.

    I was just at the H store a few days ago buying a scarf (hehe).The SA was telling me how she saw a scarf she really loved 10 years ago but did not buy it. She still thinks about it to this day and fully regrets not getting it! That said, if there is one thing you really want and its within your financial means then go for it.
  10. I totally agree, the few times you would use it - you'd know it was the one.

    So I'd say both - every day work-horse, something special.
  11. And it is STUNNING!!!!
  12. I totally agree with you ms piggy! Just to know that you have it, sometimes is enough!
  13. i too agree with ms. piggy
  14. I know I might get roasted for this but I'm of the school of thought that you should only buy what you love and what you will use a great deal but this is after years of doing exactly the opposite! I used to buy what made my heart leap without giving thought to cost-per-wear or life style. I wound up with bags that sat in the closet....beautiful to look at but that's just about it. Now I've found what works for me and have down-sized so that I get more than my money's worth on just about everything I own and everything I own I use.

    So, given my own personal experience, I would recommend that you buy what makes your heart sing but that it must ALSO be put to good use....and often!

  15. Very well said Ms Piggy. It solves my recent Croc dilemma too! I can't decide between Croc Lindy or Birkin! I'm crazy about Birkin, but it's not so practical for a mom like me who needs free hands! So Lindy is my everyday bag and all my Bs sit in the closet. So when comes to Croc purchase, I'm very tempted to get Croc Lindy because I can use more often! But then again, it's a croc and it will be my one and only purchase (ok, including my nilo KP), I can't wear it casually and daily, can't I??

    So yes, I'll stick with your idea on the Cinderella piece!! Something that could make me feel content with my tiny H collection!!

    Special 'Thanks' to SpecialK12 for starting this thread!