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  1. Hi all! I am pretty new here, just bought my first Balenciaga from Bal NY - a Blueberry City - and it is just beautiful! (Just not sure it GOES with EVERYTHING)

    Now, I really want a White City and hope to find a 04 Rose in SOMETHING in the future and I want a First in a pewter or griege maybe.
    ANYWAY, I was going to exchange the Blueberry for the White, BUT, Bal NY is out, sooooo... should I keep the Blueberry and use it til the Spring ( I do love the color) and then sell it and buy the White - they have White every year, right ??? or should I send it back and get a credit - that doesn't sound fun :sad:

    I guess my question is, do I have a good chance at recouping my money later to buy the White?

    I would actually just love to keep it and buy ALL the ones that I want :P
    just not sure I can afford to!

    any opinions are MUCH APPRECIATED!!

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. I think you should keep your blueberry it's lovely, the whites keep coming every season and you can sell it in the future, this is the good thing with the bbags you don't loose money!
  3. I know with BalNY you will only get store credit and that sucks. It has happened to me before and they only have ten days to return or exchange. You can always find White in every season. Why don't you use it or try to sell it on ebay just to get your money back. Either way good luck!:flowers:
  4. I got my Blueberry City last week and I adore it! In fact I've been carrying it everyday whether it matches what I'm wearing or not (close enough though!)...keep the Blueberry, it wont be around long and the white you can always get.
  5. Keep the blueberry, it's such a pretty colour!
  6. I would keep the blueberry also, you can always get a white later on. Good luck!
  7. I agree with everyone here: would keep the blueberry :yes: a white you can find in each season :love: ! Good luck with your decision queenvictoria... :flowers:
  8. Thank you everyone!!
    I think I will keep it and wait til the spring to get the white one. I live in Chicago so I really don't think I would use the white now anyway... and this blue is just soooo darn pretty!
  9. keep the blueberry!!!!!
  10. I'm so glad you're keeping it...I bet you'll be so in love with it in the Spring that you won't be able to part with it! :smile:
  11. Agree:yes: with First "I":love: !!!
  12. pippop - That is what I am thinking - LOL!