What would you do?

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  1. So....let's say you're me. And you have a thing for Vintage Kelly's. And, let's just say that you have a friend with a lovely Vintage Black Box Kelly that you have the option of purchasing for a good price. And then let's say you already have three black Hermes bags....HAC in Box, Bolide and Elan (both of these in Chamonix). And your Armoire has a vintage Toile/Box combo Kelly and a vintage Porosus Croc Kelly stored inside not to mention the two Chevres and the Togo Kelly residing in their sleepers in the closet. And throw into the mix the fact that you now want a Birkin exactly like the one Gina has (what ARE the odds of one popping up any time soon.....:oh:). AND the fact that you're heading off to NYC where there are 6 floors of Hermes products just waiting for you!!!!!!

    What would you do? :shame:

    ....I'm hopeless......
  2. ....and in need of Hermes rehab........
  3. if i love it buy it and pretend i did not see the credit card statement until i come back from my shopping holiday
    in fact i always pretend to not receive the credit card statement :angel:
  4. Lilach.....LOL I do EXACTLY the same thing!
  5. You do not buy the bag but instead pass along to the seller the name of your good friend dianagrace who will purchase the bag :graucho:

    Seriously though, if you like the bag, get it. You only live once. If you find something else you like I am sure you would have no problem finding someone else to buy her if need be.
  6. D. I think you should go on to NYC, and search for that fab. chevre Birkin, and if you don't come home with one, then you can always console yourself with the vintage black box kelly. Win-win :smile:
  7. good plan AND if you do find the dream birkin get the kelly as a reward for beeing so lucky ;)
  8. Get it! Credit Card statements come and go, but a Kelly stays with you forever ;)!
  9. Ahhhh. But here's the problem. Vintage kelly must be purchased BEFORE the trip to NYC......

    So, do I save that money towards the possiblity of the Birkin OR a Black CHEVRE Kelly (which I would almost kill for)? Or do I toss it all to the winds for a beautiful Vintage gal......
  10. If it's something you think you will get anyway, sooner or later, then get it since the price is good, you can always sell off something else if need be....I think the basic H classics are always a good investment ( all H bags are good investments, but the CLASSICS are even more so than the others, IMO..):angel:

    P.S Just read your last post: I'd much rather get a black box Kelly than a black Chevre Kelly...but maybe that's just me...
  11. Nope -- I say wait it out -- you have a lot already and enough black for a minute -- wait it out!!! You need a birkin lol!!!!!!!!! And a different color....
  12. ^^ what shoes said
  13. takn this into account i say WAIT. new york is fabulous i am sure you´ll find something and i am sure you would strangle yourself if you can´t get it then
  14. no question - go for broke!
  15. Wait. There will be more vintage Kellys in the future.