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  1. I got my TCP & ICP Trophy bags a few days back. I LOVE them :heart: Unfortunately there is a small problem with the ICP. Of course it haaaad to be the ICP :sad: Anyway there is a small slice on the strap that holds the open end of the turnlock. It is like when you see stuff in the grocery store where the package has been cut when they opened the case, KWIM?

    Nitza has offered to replace it with BZ or GZ (TCP too, but I have it) and I really love the patent shine. BZ & Gz just don't shine that way. Should I trade in my damaged ICP Trophy or just keep it? Here are some pics for you. No one else would probably ever notice, but it is like a neon sign to me. I also wonder if the leather will begin to peel back from the 'wound' over time.



    Thanks for helping a girl out ladies! I now have to get back to packing down my house. We are moving in a week! :nuts:
  2. Travelmom....I'm like you, and if it bothers you now it will only bug you more down the road. I would trade it for one of those gorgeous GZ Trophy's...I bought a GZ pilot and I LOVE that leather....
  3. This EXACT same thing happened to me Travelmom. I ordered the Tan Trophy and it had the same slice but the slice was above the turnlock in the patterned part. I was sooo bummed. I wanted the tan even more than the Indigo (I admit I ordered both, so do have the ICP still). I was heartbroken that the tan one was sliced. Nitza offered to exchange it for me with the BZ one, but I didn't want a black bag, so I mailed it back. I would have traded it if she'd offered it to me in Grey Zeus but she didn't offer me that option.

    I sent it back, and was pretty disappointed. I wonder how they are getting these cuts? None of my other items have that.

    I'm sorry that happened to you, it's such a drag. :sad:
  4. I'd live with it but totally understand if you can't. If that's the case, I say get BZ, it's beau ti ful!
  5. I might email Nitza and see if she would exchange for me for the GZ. I think it is just gorgeous. I think the BZ is gorgeous too, I just prefer the Grey. In any case, if you think it will bug you, I'd send it back.
  6. That sux--sorry about your bag! I don't think I would keep it if I were you--since you have the TCP maybe just return it for credit? $200 is still quite a bit for a bag you aren't crazy for, right?
  7. Oh what a bummer! I think you are mostly right and I should send it back. I will probably either not use it or use it and hate knowing the cut is there the whole time it is on my arm. :sad:

    I now will have to hunt down a different bag in ICP, because I just love it. Hopefully, there will still be a GZ left for me when I send this one back. It is truly heartbreaking which seems so ridiculous when it is only a bag, but darn it I loved it!

    Weird that it has happened on a TCP one as well. I wonder what is causing it :shrugs:
  8. I agree with paelaf. I think a store credit would be ideal since you seem really set on the ICP Trophy and you don't sound too crazy about the BZ or the GZ. If it's any consolation, the S/S 09 line should be out this month so there will be lots of new bags to choose from. HTH!
  9. Sorry that happened. The trophy is such a unique bag, not really replaceable. I posted pics of my grey zeus but realized the color is off with the flash and when I heard your dilemma I went upstairs and took some better ones if it helps you decide. I can't imagine anybody being disappointed in this beauty (unless of course you already have a ton of grey bags).
  10. OMG Shappy! :heart::heart::heart: Thank you so much for that pic. It looks completely different than I was thinking. I am pretty sure I will go for that one.

    Now could you delete the pic so there is not a mad rush on them before I get mine set aside! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Travelmom, have you seen the blue trophy that is scheduled for the Spring collection ? It's TDF. You could always go towards that and pick up a ICP trophy or havana later on ebay. We're already starting to see some trophy bags showing up on the auction sites.
  12. Ok, I am going to check out the look book! I hadn't noticed it before so will have to check it out again. You do have a point about waiting for auction for an ICP. Hhhhmmmmmm, so much to consider :sweatdrop:
  13. Shappy, lovely photo. I am warming up to grey these days.

    Travelmom, Aw, I can see your disappointment, but as Ms. Liz stated, you want to be happy in the long run and if the little cut bugs you now, it will bug you more down the road. I'm so sorry that happened. What I'm wondering is how, being it happened to you and Mishka.
  14. My guess is someone was careless opening a shipping container-- a perfect linear cut like that would most likely be part of a longer one--these bags may have been on top of a packing container.

    If it really bothers you, but you want to keep the bag, a good cobbler can fill in the cut varnish so that the leather will be smooth to the touch, and a cut like that would be almost invisible.

    If you got it at a discount, this might be worth doing.
  15. I would take advantage of the GZ Trophy offer..
    So sorry though!