What would you do???

  1. Hello everyone. This is my first posting. I need some advise about what to do about fakes that I got riped off with. When I first came across Ebay I went on a Louis Vuitton shopping craze. Out of my 7 purchases 4 were found to be fake! Paypal was sort of helpful, but I never got a full refund on some of them. Now I have been stuck with 4 freaken fake bags. I tryed to return them but they ALL came back. The addresses given were not verified. Was seriously thinking of just throwing them away. Just this morning my niece was digging through my closet (her favorite past time!) and came across these monstrosities in a box. She asked me if she can have them. Should I give it to her and just let her know that they are fake??? What would you do? I want these crappy junk out of my house?What do I do?
  2. Oh, I feel so sorry for you..! Up till now I have never bought anything from ebay due to me being so afraid that this would happen to me as I'm still not pro in authenticating LVs... Then again, even if you are good at it, they can post authentic pix then send you a fake, I guess...

    Sorry, not being much help here... :P Have you reported to ebay?
  3. i would tell her that it's a fake and she can keep it if she wants.
    i have fooled 1 with a lv sologne, and i give it to my sister who don't mind with fakes. i just need to get rid of the bag so i don't have to see my FAILURE again.
  4. Would you want your niece getting the looks/snarls/remarks/dirty looks so many of the member say they do when they see someone carrying a fake? Because this is most likely what's going to happen to your niece if she carries a fake. Besides, you may just be encouraging a trend which may be hard to take your niece out of.
  5. If she knows they are fake and still wants them I would just give them to her.
  6. I would throw them away
  7. I agree about encouraging a trend with your niece. She might feel it's all right to carry a fake. I'd rather give my niece a cute, inexpensive bag that she can carry instead. Throw those fakes in the trash :yucky:
  8. hehe you make it sound like a drug addiction! I personally would give it to her if she doesn't mind- most people can't tell the difference anyway.
  9. i agree with some posters here and I would let her keep the acknowledged fakes if she wanted them. if she wants to carry a fake and it makes her happy who cares what others think.
  10. Well, if she wants to carry them, then I would let her. However, I would first take a marker or something to the label inside the bag and X it out. That way if she gave it away or whatever, it would not find it's way back on to ebay or somehow being sold to some unsuspecting person. JMO.
  11. I would just throw it all away and forget you ever had them.
  12. Honestly, if she's old enough to understand, I'd sit her down first and explain to her why you aren't using them and why fake bags are wrong. Then if she still wants them, give them to her but if not, I'd get her a cute, inexpensive leather bag or a Lesportsac bag or something.
    If she isn't old enough to understand, then maybe get her something else cute and age appropriate and just throw the fakes away. But cut them up a bit so if someone would happen to find them in the garbage, they wouldn't think they hit pay dirt and try to sell them.
  13. I wouldn't want my niece to carry a fake; I'd want her to have the real thing. It would bother me if someone treated her badly because she was carrying a fake...fakes that came from me. It's quite likely that she looks up to you...you're in a position to set a good example. I think you should tell her about you experience so that it does no happen to her and then educate her on why she should not support fakes.
  14. Fake bags are part of a filthy, criminal industry and should be supported by no one. Just my $0.02
  15. I TOTALLY agree with you, lvbabydoll!!!! :yes: :yes:

    I've seen two 8 years old girls (they are twins) carrying fake CB mini sac! The fake CB mini sacs look cute on them but I still think that it's not a right thing for the parents of the girls to give them or let them carry a fake LV bags. It just seems a wrong thing to do. :sad: That just how I feel. I will never do that to my daughter when she grows up.