What would you do?

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  1. I have recently developed a love for epi speedy 25s. I've ordered one in cannelle which should be heading to me soon. :wlae:

    The thing is, I'm now thinking about the next epi speedy 25 purchase! What would you do:

    A) Get a new one in a standard colour (black, red or white) at the boutique
    B) Pay a little more to get two which are preloved, but not in black, red or white

    Obviously, the pros with A is that it's NEW and nothing can beat a new bag from the boutique. However, the con is that I want to collect some distinct colors and I'm not sure that B/W/R reeeeeally do it for me (I would still enjoy them a lot though).

    The pros with B is that obviously there are TWO of them, and the colors might be really interesting and discontinued, which makes them more special. The con is that they're older and might wear out sooner!

    What would you do? Opinions appreciated! :tup:
  2. Hmm, if you're not really into the B/I/R, then I would say go for the pre-owned ones. There are some really nice discontinued colors on eBay. Which colors were you thinking of getting?
  3. I agree. There a always some great finds on eBay which are in pristine condition as e.g. sold by other handbag lovers who treat their bags very cautiously!
  4. I would stick to purchasing from the boutique. I've been burned on ebay and you can never be 100% sure who you're dealing with.
  5. I love getting bargins on "pre-loved" bags. I rather have 2 for the price of one.
  6. Go with preowned bags in the colors that you will really love. For the money you will be spending, you might as well get colors you will really enjoy!
  7. I love almost all epi colors but especially mandarin, moka, cipango gold, tassil yellow, pepper, and the blues (both myrtille and toledo). As you can see, I'm pretty flexible, haha.
  8. I would buy a standard color at the store. If you're like me...I think there's just something different about buying a bag at the store. I bought one off ebay and I've only used it 5 times in a year and a half. I don't like the bag as much as I like the others. It doesn't feel like it's mine. Maybe I'm just weird.
  9. I would buy new, and hope for some new colors in the future.
  10. I would go for either. Does anyone keep a list of really good ebay sellers, I mean the one's that can be completely trusted????? I know I've sold a few things on ebay (LV) and have had great luck. I've only bought one though, who turned out to be a trustworthy seller. This seems like a good idea for a reference thread.