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  1. I am having a hard time deciding between two bags that I could get. I have the option of getting an almost new black mc speedy with the matching Porte-monnaie billets wallet for only $700. :yahoo:The thing is I already have a black mc speedy, but I just don't know if I can pass on such a great deal! The other option is a bag that I have been wanting for ever, a Tweedy. The thing about that is I just don't know if I would ever even use it! So the question is, what bag would you pick? :confused1:
  2. Both? Only $700????

    Get it! Even if it's just to resell.
  3. That is exactly what I was thinking!! I will try and post a pic of the speedy and wallet, and yes BOTH for only $700.
  4. Wow. Very impressive.

    Are they in good condition?
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Wow, that is agood price. Nice.
  7. :cool:

    Oh yeah. Definitely snatch those up. I don't know if you are an eBayer or not. But for the Speedy alone you can get at least $1K in good condition. Don't let it pass you by, if you are 100% certain they are authentic!
  8. Oh yes I am a major ebayer! I love searching for good deals then using them for a while and reselling them for more $$$. I know that the speedy is authentic and the wallet looks like it is as well, the only concern I have is that they are in Switzerland. Does paypal offer protection on international orders?
  9. ^^ As a buyer, I believe they PayPal will protect you. I haven't heard of Switzerland being a top destination for scammers, but I know you want to protect yourself, for sure.

    Make sure you pay with PayPal using a major credit card, so you're covered even if something goes wrong and PayPal doesn't side with you. Your credit card provides better protection for you than PayPal.

    ---Is there an eBay link for this item? If you've been a member for long enough, PM me and I'll take a look for you if you want.
  10. better get it !!
  11. i would go with the other bag that you want & don't have. i've heard so many horror stories about purses an ebay i would be scared to do it. i've sold one louis vuitton on ebay & i stressed out so much until the lady emailed that she got the purse. i don't think i would do it again.
  12. I buy on ebay all the time, it doesn't bother me at all! I always buy used LV bags then use them a while and move on to the next.....20 so far this year! I think I am going to go with the speedy as I can always resell it or keep it and sell my current one.
  13. Good choice!
  14. Thanks! I will post some pics when it arrives, should be early next week.
  15. if you feel comfortable then i'd do. i've heard too many times of people getting the bags & saying they didn't, getting your bag & their money refunded. or people getting a different bag than pictured. which has made me very afraid of ebay.