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  1. I finally found my HG shoe after 2+ years of searching for it...I am sure that many of you know that I am referring to the nude patent leather VP with the burgundy tip. Over the years, I have tried to satisfy this nude craving with other styles like the Numero Prive which I originally didn't like because I felt like the all nude shoe/nude tip washed me out, or the gold Very Prive with the gold tip which after 9+ months that I have owned them, I still haven't worn them in hopes of finding the red tip version. WELL I FINALLY found them but they are too big on me. I was so desperate to get them although the store was already sold out of my size, so I bought them in a size 39.5 when I usually wear a 38.5 or 39 the largest in Very Prive.

    So I just needed to whine about this because I really don't know what to do. Should I just keep the large size and put a ton of pads in them and just deal with the heel slippage or should I return them and pray that some other stores will be receiving them soon? What would you do? :shrugs:
  2. I would hold on to the until another store gets them. If there is some function that you are desperate to wear that style to, I would say keep it and make it work. But if you have waited and searched for 2 years, these are your end-all be-all HOLY GRAIL then you should have absolutely perfect ones. But dont let go of your others til you find them, in case they never pop up again. I will let you know if I see any in your size in Houston!
  3. Do you have a pic of them on? How big are they on you? CL beverly hills is supposed to be getting them anytime from now until june. I think if they're wayy too big on you should return it since CL BH will be getting them anyways and then you can get your correct size :yes:
  4. i would call every store and make sure i'm on the list for the correct size. beg, plead, cajole if you have to. but even though they're your HG i wouldn't keep them if they were that big. they'll end up being uncomfortable and you won't want to wear them, thereby ruining the joy of them. and if you return them maybe you'll help someone else get their HG also giving yourself more CL mojo!
  5. Kamilla if CL BH is getting them you should contact them so they know you are interested and get your right size. I agree with everyones comments that if its your HG shoe it should be perfect.
  6. Oh no :wtf: that sux, I'm soo sorry to hear this :sad:.... call CL BH get on their list pronto !
  7. Yeah I would get on the list at CL BH! I am in search of NP in nude patent sooo I know how you feel I am despirtely searching for them!
  8. Just my size....Ill take them off your hands, either one...gold tip, which is another one of my HG shoes or the burg. tip. PM me if you like.
    Otherwise Just keep them until you find them again.
  9. But I'm worried that it is too late, that list is probably a mile long and the last time I spoke with an SA there, she said that she doesn't know what color the tip will be.
    I will.take some pics now.
  10. The shoe will stretch a little after wearing, so I definitely would return them and get on the list for your correct size. The last thing you want is to have your HG shoe sitting in your closet because after wearing it a couple of times it flops off your foot.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. Yeah show us some pics! If you get your size then unload some those NP to me LOL
  12. I would hold out for your correct size as these sound way too big (as opposed to just a bit big).
  13. would it be possible to special order this shoe? if you are that passionate about it and have waited this long, i would special order it. i almost did that last week with the black patent pigalle 120mm, but luckily they got a new shipment in. i would've been okay with paying the additional markup because that's how much i wanted the shoe.
  14. kamilla I was just at CL BH yesterday and I asked the SA Emily to confirm that my name was on the list and that they were getting the nude patent w/burgundy tip and she said yes and that I was the first person on the list for my size 38. I only called them maybe 1 month ago and put myself on so I was suprised that I was the first one. The list may not be as long as you think. It's worth a shot! :yes:
  15. Thanks for the info RRSC! I guess it is worth a try.

    I also find it very interesting that these shoes are running very big - more so than usual. I just put the nude VP next to a black patent VP which is only 1/2 a size smaller, but there is a very big difference in both the length and the width of the shoe. Strange.