What would you do ???

  1. Hi guys, just sat here wondering what I should do??

    I have a pink hanover bag which i bought from mulberry in christmas sales

    and I have never really fell in love with it ( impulse buy!!)

    If I put it on eBay would I lose lots of money, as I would rather just leave

    it at the back of the wardrobe!!

    what do you think would be a fair price to ask??
  2. Mmmm,I think if its hardly used,not far off what you paid for it really.Anyone who really wants one will know they are a bit hens teeth to get hold of now,especially in good nick.If you put it up on eeb,you could put a reserve,and if its not met,don't sell?? That happened with my choc Blenheim,and I still have it now,rather that than lose a lot I think?xxx
  3. ^^^ or if anyone wants to do a part exchange for a red Mabel LOL!!!
  4. Such a shame we can't do that on here,but that would be open day for fakers would'nt it?? I'm not sure what else to do?? Hang on til the summer and see how you feel then??
  5. Put it on eBay as a buy it now, thats what I'm going to do with my stash.
  6. I felt the same way about my purple patent bag, but I did manage to do an exchange within 28 days.
    How much did you pay for it in the sale?
    I wish there was a bag exchange as well, could we not set one up for regular posters? I have seen it done on other bag threads.
  7. Thats a fab idea!!!!!!!
  8. Chaz your bag did not sell because of your feedback score. I tried to help bring up the price by bidding.When you sell more smaller items and get more feedback it will sell no problem.It's a beautiful bag but for me at 5'8, a little small.
  9. Sell it!

    I've hung onto my Phoebe for 3 months and the Joni for 2 months and have never used them. I'm putting them on eBay with BIN close to what I paid for them (well, actually, a bit more for the Joni as that was such a snip!). There are so few genuine bags on there that I'm sure they'll sell - even if not at first attempt.

    Like your Hanover, Tara. How often do they come up on eBay?

    As you got it at a sale price, I'm sure you'll get close to what you paid for it if you wait long enough.
  10. I would also try to sell it with a BIN close to what you payed, if you have had the bag for almost 2 months and you haven't start using it yet, it a no go for me. Sell it and buy something you absolute love! :tup:

    An exchange tread would be nice through - I have a gorgeous choco tooled bays which I consider selling to get a plain black or choco bays as it goes better with work outfits, but it would be soo much easier to just to a swap, Would save a lot of hassle wouldn't it! :jammin:
  11. Tara - My olive Phoebe sold on ebay for £60 less than I paid for it, so I was happy. I had a really low feedback score but it got a lot of interest. I'd have a go with your Hanover but I would put a reserve on it.
    I'd put it up for what you paid as it was a bargain price in the sale anyway. If someone wants one of these, they'll pay.
    It's such a shame you don't love yours, I'm still using mine every day!
  12. Oooh, that's good to know. There aren't many Phoebes on eBay at the moment and most of them look fake to me. I've got a couple of hundred feedbacks as a seller so hopefully I seem trustworthy!!
  13. Tara, post a photo of your Hanover so I can see what it looks like.
    My sister would probably love it if it is in pink.