what would you do??

  1. i won a prada purse on eBay,, when it came ... it just about laughed:wlae: at me while screaming fake.:crybaby:..

    i was disappointed and contacted the seller,, not only did she immediately refund all my money paid including shipping , but also added funds to cover its shipping back to her,, the money has already cleared my account and i only received the purse and emailed her at noon today... sooo my dilemma is ...............

    what type of feedback do i leave her??? she resolved it quickly but i dont want others to think she sells the real thing...

    oh also ...she treid to ship it media mail but the postoffice caught it ,,opened and inspected it and charged me additional shipping costs,,,she covered those too

    all around i think shes dishonest and paying me back quickly to shut me up.. do l report it to eBay,,leave bad feedback,,, or ignor it all....

    her feedback is 100% positive

  2. As a buyer, I wish you'd leave negative feedback. This is how they're selling their fakes. They have 100% feedback and the next buyer thinks "wonderful, she has great feedback. They must be real".
    BUT I also understand how you feel. You're afraid of retaliatory feedback. That's why the whole feedback system isn't working.
    Back to your problem, if it was me, I probably wouldn't do anything.
    No feedback at all.
    How's that for helpful:p

  3. jeez i didnt think of her leaving me feedback i assumed she did already but i checked and she didnt..

    my fault for being dumb enough to bid but at lease i somewhat know what im looking at now thanks to all you here

    i still dont know what to doo:nogood:
  4. How about leaving neutral and explain in the comments what went down so other buyers know to beware?

    I'm not sure I'd leave positive though w/o any comments about your experience and selling fake bags.
  5. neutral will eb goood..:tup:
  6. i would say that she was very helpful as you had a situ where the product wasnt authentic. that way you are just stating the facts. She was helpful (yes) but she sells fakes (yes)
  7. Good idea! I'd leave a neutral with the above comments.

  8. thanks that sounds like the perfect way to handle it ...
  9. She won't leave FB for you until you post yours. You could have been quick payer, etc, but she's waiting to hear what you have to say.

    I think the idea of the neutral with neg comments is good. But I got a fake bag about 5 years ago and I did leave negative FB and neg rating, dont think it hurt me.
  10. I would just not leave any feedback at all...