What would you do?

  1. I purchased a LV purse from eBay on Jan 20 using BIN. I paid immediately but the seller never contacted me or responded to my emails when item will be shipped. eBay says I can't file an item not received until Jan 30. Now my question is if I don't receive the item or hear from the seller by Jan 30th should I file with paypal. I am afraid she will send me the item after I file and if it is a fake I can't refile with paypal on same item:sad:
  2. You can go ahead and file the claim on the 30th if you still haven't received the bag. You don't have to escalate it to a claim, but let it remain a dispute and see if that gets the seller's attention.
  3. Thanks,I will do that
  4. If you receive the item while the dispute is still open you can close it with no strikes given to either party. It escapes me why sellers don't realize how much comfort a little communication can provide.