What Would You Do???

  1. OK HELP! :wtf:

    i got sniped in the last 2 seconds on a bag late last night that i was trying to get on eBay.
    so the seller contacted me, [through eBay] and gave me a second chance offer,
    and here are the messages between us.
    p.s. i went to the "contact seller" link to make sure it was from the right person.


    hi; why am i being given a second chance offer? did the winner back out? just wondering. =]


    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Hi, The reason is bcos my friend also had the same bag and wanting to sell it off. That's why I offered u the second chance. Thanks.

    bcos, as in an eBay member? i checked and they are in PA, while you are in AZ? Also, are you 100% sure it is the same bag? Same size, color, condition, etc? Thanks.


    Hi, Who is in PA? My friend is in AZ with me not in PA. She bought the same bag as me at the same time. So it is exactly the same model. The reason why she doesn't want it is because it is too big for her.[/FONT]


    i looked up the name you mentioned on eBay community, and it said PA; i don't know. is hers also NWT? has she carried it before? can you send me a picture of it? thanks.[/FONT]


    i'm wary of any sort of interaction like this, but its a great deal on a bag i've been desperately trying to get for 3 months now.

    what would you do? :shrugs:
  2. Jen, tell her you will take the offer but will only pay what she started her auction at, $199. Especially if it has been previously carried. I would stick to asking for a picture of it as well.

    That is what I would do!
  3. still sounds fishy to me...i wouldn't do it
  4. First, I'm assuming that you took her "bcos" as a name, and I think that may be just text-speak for because. That could explain that part of it.

    Second, just make sure that she lists it as an auction so that you can get some type of protection. I did this recently with a Hallmark ornament that someone wanted from me. She suggested doing the transaction off ebay, but I was afraid that somehow I'd get screwed. So, we made sure we were both online at the same time, I listed the auction as a BIN and emailed her the number for it. The entire transaction, bidding and paying, was over in less than 5 minutes.

    I would ask her for pictures, and if you feel comfortable, go for it! Let us know what happens.
  5. Sounds a little sketchy to me - seems like they are saying they have a second of the same bag and are offering it to you instead of listing it on ebay seperately. ("bcos" being their spelling of "because" and not another seller)

    I would be wary, especially if they are insinuating you complete the transaction outside of ebay or will not be seeing pics of the actual bag you will be purchasing.

    Is this bag hard to find? Unless it is super rare I would pass - this sounds fishy to me.
  6. Yes I don't buy or sell on ebay but I think that you are offered some type of buyers protection esp with paypal or credit cards. There are a lot of scams out there but maybe the friend doesn't want to go through the hassle and the fees of selling. I would be very cautious !
  7. What kind of feedback does this person have? I also agree with the others to have the seller list an auction (they can set it up just for you as a 2nd chance offer). That way you are protected. If that all goes through, I say go for it.
  8. If she was given a second chance offer, it came from ebay right? I was just offered a second chance on a flower key fob today because the seller said she had another and would sell it to me instead of listing it. The second chance offer is covered by ebay and works as if you won an auction. I would just simply as for pictures of the used bag and only offer to pay the $199 and not what her brand new bag went for. kwim? If she will not send pictures it is up to you. But from what I understand she offered you a second chance offer using the "seller has another alike item" description, which makes it protected by ebay. If her feedback is good, I would think she is on the level. I know you will use paypal but I just wanted to make sure you do. It is totally up to you Jen, I just wanted you to know that you will be protected and can file a complaint and get your money back if she is lying. My Medium one was carried for a week and it looked like brand new when I sold it.
  9. If it is not through a listing...don't do it.
  10. when seller said "bcos" she was saying "because"
  11. OK update. lol, i totally didn't realize that "bcos" meant "because".
    "bcos" is an actual ebay member, which further confused me.
    she kinda started to freak out about the whole name thing. lol.

    2 more messages.


    her -
    Hi, I didn't mention any name to you from the start. My friend also didn't advertise her bag at all. I am helping her to sell hers as well. Please keep me updated if you still want the bag. Thanks.


    ok. you wrote "bcos my friend has a bag." i didn't realize that you meant "because", i thought you were stating someone's name. so, i looked up "bcos" on ebay and there is someone under that name, but they are in PA. now, is her bag NWT? if her bag is used i do not want it, not for the price that i was going to buy a new bag for. also, can you please send me pictures? thanks.


    i noticed that she'd kindof skirmishing around and not telling me what condition its in. we'll see.
  12. i think you did the right think by asking for pictures & if the bag is NWT or not. if she sends you pictures, & it is new & just like the one you originally bid on, i would also do the second chance offer. As too*many*bags said, the auction works the same as a 1st time buy on a bid, so you will still be protected in that way. definitely post the pics here so they can be verified. if anything, i would say it's actually great that you'll be able to get the bag! it seemed fishy just because of the misunderstanding over 'bcos', but it's possible that the seller has another bag from a friend who said "oh yours sold? sell mine too!" - you never know. keep us updated, & good luck! :smile: