What would you do?

  1. If this is in the wrong place, I apologize in advance.

    I purchased another Herbag from eBay, in the orange and red bottom/brown leather combo.

    I love the bag, but there are two problems.

    Firstly, the bag was purchased in a sale, as it has an "S" stamped on it, right inside the inner flap. Anyone who has seen this stamp knows that it's kind of big, and the place where it was stamped is very visible when I lift the flap. Plus, the leather is light, so it's kind of obvious.

    The stamp wasn't disclosed in the auction description. :s

    This is not the deal breaker, however. The bag is missing a small but very important piece. The small leather strip with the metal clasp is missing, that holds the bag on to the main metal cylinder.

    This one:


    Without it, the bag buckles and doesn't fit as well. I have one from my black Herbag, but the point is that this was missing a very vital part of the bag.

    I don't believe the seller was trying to be dishonest, since the missing piece isn't shown anywhere in the instruction manual.

    What should I do? I am willing to overlook the sale stamp, since the deal I got was awesome! But the missing piece bugs me.

    I was thinking of asking that he sell me the bag at the price he originally listed it for, which would be a difference of about $160. Is that unfair? Does that make sense?


  2. If you love the bag and the stamp doesn't bother you, go ahead and ask for the $160 difference. It might be an honest mistake on his side.

    Good luck!
  3. The "S" can actually be cleaned off, the problem is... Hermes is discontinuing the bags, and may not be able to fix/correct/or replace parts in the near future or already... check with your local store what the situation is, & return the bag if necessary, the H stores will keep having these on sale for probably the next one or two more sale cycles, protect yourself from a potentially bad purchase. See if the seller can correct the problem or refund you. I have seen these at every sale I have been to in the last 2 years.

  4. Good to know about the "S" being able to be cleaned! Thanks! Is there a thread that gives instructions?

    Maybe I'll call my SA at H and see if this is something that can be ordered. Thanks!!!
  5. Absolutely call your SA!!! if you are uncomfortable saying you shopped eBay... say it was a Christmas gift from someone or something, perfect time of year for that! I just think better safe than sorry, and as far as the "S" is it on fabric or leather? when on leather, I have cleaned it of with a tiny bit of leather lotion, an my finger & tissue, on fabric, my dry-cleaner does it!:flowers:
  6. Quick update:

    Just got off the phone with my wonderful and charming SA at SCP. He suggested that I take it up to Beverly Hills to see Manuela. She will definitely be able to make one if she has none spare in her inventory.

    I am so fortunate that I only live an hour away from one of the 2 craftspeople in the US. Yay!!! :tup:

    Hopefully the ebay seller will give me some sort of discount. We'll see!

    Thanks so much ladies. :flowers:
  7. Good luck, Hermes is great, they really try to make customers happy. I really hope you will get what you wish from this experience! Please keep us posted!:yes::heart::flowers:
  8. You are just a font of knowledge!! Now I know what to do with some unsightly "S" marks on my favorite scarfs. Thanks A.
  9. HEYYYY!
    missed you! Yes they all come off ! do not worry! :love::yes:
  10. Olive...still must meet "S" or not!
  11. Haha, you bring the S remover and I'll bring the borsct!
  12. Ocmommy, the seller should have disclosed that this was an sale bag, it's not like a gucci that went on sale but is never marked...Hermes is pretty blatant sometimes with that stamp so it needs to be disclosed esp with leather pieces.
  13. DEAL ! who brings the pierogie & sour cream? (sorry, a little off theme):shame:
  14. Lol, when I stop laughing I'll call my mom and see if she can still throw something together:p
  15. Can I come :shrugs:? I love pierogie :p