What would you do?

  1. Tomorrow is my MIL bday, so we (I!) decided to get her some sort of ergo bag since she just got out of a rehab center due to serious health issues, and I know that her other bag (leather Coach that I bought her) is too heavy for her now. So we saw the slim ergo flap in khaki/chocolate at the Nordstrom clearance table for $198. We bought it, then I said lets check Coach - maybe w/the price decreases they may have it but in black which I think would suit her better. They had it for $209, so we bought that one too! So I was going to Nordstrom to return the khaki/sig, and my husband said "just keep it - it was a good price, right?" So I dont know if I should. I feel kinda guilty because he just bought me the mahogany patent gallery tote and the matching wristlet because they were on sale, I got 2 bags for Christmas plus $$$$ gift cards. I know I wouldnt have picked this bag/style for myself, but I tried it on when I got home and boy does it look cute on me!!! Argh - I'm usually ok being spoiled as long as everyone else it taken care of but I'm struggling whether I should keep it! Here is my bag and my MIL's bag (I actually prefer this bag is sig rather than leather, and the khaki/sig is just adorable). Some opinions please! Do you like this bag? Should I keep it for under $200?! Thanks!
    ergo1.jpg ergo2.jpg
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  3. Your hubby sounds like my hubby :p I think if you can get it and not be tight with money and you like it, keep it! BUT.. if you keep it, you have to post modeling pics!!!! :tup: It looks like a darling bag.. I like it in that khaki a lot!!!! :yes:
  4. I LOVE the entire ergo line!!! They are NICE, lightweight bags that look soooooo adorable on the shoulder! I say keep it, b/c you got it at a GREAT price and it's nice to be spoiled every now and then!!!! BUT, you MUST post modelling pics PLEASE!!!!!!
  5. Why not? If my boyfriend said to keep a bag I would be like OKAY!! How about another? HAHA post modeling pics asap!
  6. I really like it alot, especially in the signature pattern, it's really pretty! And ergos are so comfortable that you can use them for going anywhere.
    I say keep it & consider it a gift for being such a good DIL! :smile: your husband even said so, so you must keep it ;)
  7. It's a great looking bag... I think you should keep it :tup:
  8. If you like it, keep it. If not, it's not worth it. I have bags in my closet that were great deals that are still in their dust bags. Waste of money.
  9. Keep it! If you dont youll kick yourself down the road.
  10. I agree with this post. If you don't love it, I would return it. You could always take the money from the return, tuck it away and put it towards a new spring bag....:graucho:
  11. I agree with the others if you like it keep it,i would if i were you if not just return it ^-^.
  12. It is cute but If you don't think you will use it then I would return it. How big is it ?
  13. Keep it! I love that line and you got a great price! Now we need pictures
  14. Thanks everyone. Mrs. MC its smaller than I usually wear, actually maybe more narrow than I'm used to. I had looked at this when I got my plum ergo, but was so in love w/that bag that I didnt really consider any others for purchase. I think I will keep it, but it will be a spring bag for me, and for just running quick errands, not day trips where I always wind up having to carry several Power Rangers and a Nintendo DS system or two! Thanks for the responses - and yes, my husband is the best. I'll have my daughter/photog take some pictures tomorrow.