What would you do??

  1. My DH purchased a blackberry cellphone for me. My LV cellphone holder was to small so I put it up for sale on eBay. The nice gentleman that purchased it paid for it immediately and requested that I mail it off that day priority in which I did.

    I just received his email to me stating that he he is very sorry that he measured his cellphone incorrectly and it does not fit. Again apologizes and request that I refund him his money.

    In my listing I did state that I used it with an LG slide phone and a Razor.
    My auction states that I will only issue refunds if item is not as described.

    The man has been very nice through the purchase and his communications with me. I am on a 50/50 split here on a refund 50%. I am not Macy's and the other 50% he made an honest mistake?

  2. That is a tough call! I know to be nice you would want to take it back but you probably really don't want to bother listing the item again! I would accept the return minus any shipping and the listing fee. You can file on eBay to mutually withdraw the auction and get the Final Value Fee refunded. Maybe after hearing that he will loose money on returning it he would rather sell it himself.

  3. That's a good idea! I agree :tup:
  4. I agree with purse-n-boots - perhaps that would be the best option for both of you?
  5. are you sure he's legit?
    what if he returns a fake to you?

    make sure you put in the email that you will have the returned item authenticated before refunding his money... or something like that.

    maybe you can suggest to him that HE resell it on ebay?
  6. Yea I too would suggest him re-selling it at his own convenience. I would clearly state in any auction that you are not a retail store. I mean, really, its his own fault :shrugs:
  7. Amamxr~ I am in a VERY similar situation. I sold My MONO LV SOPHIE on ebay..shipped immediately. Buyer wrote:

    I received your item today. It has not been used only for several times. It has a lot of signs of wear. It not worth how much I paid for this bag.

    This bag retails around $425.00. Other seller is selling this bag around $499.00, and it's BRAND NEW. Check this item number: 300185866693.

    It's not worth the money with this condition. Do you accept return?

    Let me know ASAP.

    My auction states NO RETURNS and I take a lot of pics depicting the state of the bag that is why I take as many pictures that I do.

    I wrote back...

    Hello~ I posted the accurate depiction of this bag. I used it 3 times in Chicago in November for a hoilday with my husband. This is the price I paid last spring when I purchased it. It does not have a lot of signs of wear. Very minimal. The pictures you looked at and agreed to via the ebay listing contract are accurate. The contract states no return. That is why I include all the pictures that I do. Buyer remorse is not a reason to justify a return. If you had reservations about the price you should not have purchased it. I am not going to check out others items as this was my listing price and you agreed to it. It is not right to ask for a return because you think you found another at a better price. Happy Holidays and enjoy your Limited Edition Sophie~

    I was just about to post how I am so tired of buyers. They want their cake and eat it too.

    If you feel comfortable and he is really honest about the size issue then maybe

    In my situation..I do not think it is right. I have been asked this now 2 times on designer goods because of buyer remorse...It is not right.:cursing:
  8. I have been on the buyer's end asking for a refund because I didn't like a Coach Wallet. I knew it was my fault for not checking out the wallet IRL before buying it on ebay but I thought I would ask the seller to take the return anyway. The seller POLITELY told me that she would not refund for buyer's remorse and suggested that I try to sell it on ebay. I was fine with it and ended up selling it for more than I purchased it for. The fact that I KNEW it was my fault and the seller turned down my request politely made the whole situation bearable. We ended up giving each other positive feedbacks.

    I think that if you turn down your buyer's request politely, then he should be fine with it. Good luck! :tup:
  9. I really gave some serious thought into this and was almost going to say the heck with it the guy made a mistake. Then I decided to check out his feedback and come to find out he purchased another LV Cellphone holder the same day that he purchased mine and also returned it. The seller stated so. Not good:sad:
    So I decided to reply:

    As stated in my auction this cell phone holder carried my LG Phone as well as the new Razor design. I also gave precise dimensions of the holder as well.
    With regards to you requesting a refund, my return policy stated in my listing and I quote "I will only issue refunds if the item is not as described". I feel that I have met all of my obligations per my detailed auction and then some by fulfilling your request to mail the item the on the same day. I am truly sorry for your miscalculations however, they do not meet the criteria as stated in my auction or your binding contract as a bidder with EBay for a refund.

    I hope you understand. Good luck to you.

    Gosh, I hate this kind of stuff:sad:
  10. I think you did the right thing, Amamxr. It was smart to check his feedback, and your response was factual, professional, and polite. He may still be unhappy, but you DID state the measurements in the auction, and it's obvious that he's just not that careful about what he bids on.
    Selling on eBay isn't always fun, take it from me!! :p
  11. Amamxr~ I think you made a wise decision. You checked his feedback and he orderd another one. He was trying to buy them both and felt that he could return one if not two that he did not like. Your response was excellent and In the future, may I borrow it?? :graucho: Well done my friend.
  12. Of course you can anytime:heart:. Now he wants to send me back the cellphone and trade it for something of considerably lesser value and call it even:nuts:. I just may consider it since it was his suggestion and if it makes him happy then its a win-win situation.

  13. Thank You :flowers:
  14. That would work out for the both of you..Hmmm...what a possibility:yes:
    By the way, my buyer did not respond to my last response (posted above) and has left me positive feedback. I did the same for her:tup: Whewwww.....I hate when this happens. I get really bothered by it and upset as well.

  15. I still think it's a possibility he has a bunch of fakes on his hands!! He's keeping yours, sending you back the fake so you send him something in return (even of lesser value). To me, it screams of scam (remember the "I'll send you a money order for x dollars more than the item, and you give me back cash" scam?)
    Maybe I'm negative -- you have his money, he has the item.. I'd just leave it alone.. it's def not win-win if you get a crappy fake back!

    Maybe e-mail the other seller he returned the item to-- see if they got an authentic one in return?