what would you do?

  1. so i found this bag on eBay that ive always wanted, and i sent the seller a few emails, questioning about the bags condition and some other little minor things. i guess my questions began to get on the sellers nerves, because when i asked if there were any stains/marks inside the bag itself, this is the response i received. pretty sarcastic and rude, dont you think? now because of his/her attitude, im not even sure if i want to give them my money...what do you ladies think i should do?

    from me: hello again. i swear, this will be the last question i ask! i was just curious about the condition of the inside lining of the bag. are there many stains/pen marks? thanks!

    their response: My girlfriend used used for several evenings, you know out to the symphony, restaurant, etc. She didn't use it as an 'everyday' purse full of junk. I looked inside and didn't see any marks or stains. I did see- a single long black hair though. We can probably remove it with a pair of tweezers while we wear latex gloves though...
  2. WOW.... how much do you want the bag? If it's a great price & you can't find it elsewhere maybe, but WOW that was really not necessary! Me personally, I don't think I could do a deal with this person now.
  3. :wtf: How rude! Unless it was a very rare bag or a super good deal I would pass. What an a$$.
  4. There are so many great M by MJ sales right now (40% off) you might as well go with a department store...
  5. I would pass, they might spit in it or something!! They sound wierd like that!!
  6. ^^ ugh now i feel like im to blame for his rudeness bc of all the questions! i just wanted to make sure the bag was in good condition before spending my hard earned money. i want to email them back and tell them their rudeness was not necessary.
  7. That's very rude but still if you love the bag and always wanted it, I'd say ignore the rude seller and get the bag. Forget the rude witch and get the bag. You'll be happy that way. :tup:
  8. oh man. jackie, i would not be able to buy from that guy. he's trying to SELL a bag. questions are to be expected. if he didn't want to deal with it then he should just keep it or give it away. seriously... i'd reply to him and say, "really? could you? and then after the hair is gone, if you could just take the tweezers and stick them in your eye. that would be FANTASTIC. thanks! :smile:"
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. hah i can think of a few other places id like to stick those tweezers! i responded to him by saying that i felt insulted by his rudeness and sarcasm towards me. so im waiting for his response, which will be a witty one im sure. this guy seems like a jerk, but i just cant find this bag anywhere else! ugh :cursing:
  11. what bag is it?
  12. who even goes to symphonies anyway?! does those even still exsist?!
  13. chestnut bowler. i want to add to my striping collection!
  14. oh that auction! i saw it a couple of days ago. the pictures are kind of terrible, but it's the real deal. if you want it, go for it especially if you can get it for a good price. you'll love the bowler! i am on the hunt for a chili trish myself. :graucho:
  15. Since that's a tough bag to find, and if price and condition are good deal, I'd ignore the jerky comments.
    My "real-life" work involves legal negotiations, and we keep our cool and remain focused by remembering that when someone gives up something of value, they usually work to "compensate" themselves by making nasty remarks.

    In other words: the more they squeal and holler, the better the deal for our side in the end!! :graucho::tup:

    Just MHO though!